Thursday, March 31, 2011

Too much to read ;___;

I have a few chapters left of the book I'm currently reading, and then I have two more books to read. And just to add to my pressure I have 3 magazines to read as well o___o I really want to finish the magazines before I leave because I don't want them to weigh down my luggage, but I also want to finish the books, because I borrowed them from my dad during my Christmas stay and I really want to proudly hand them over and say "Yep, read them all :D". Oh my oh my. I guess I can spend my remaining days doing nothing but reading.

Sorry for my ranting ^_^' I really would like to get a bit smarter, and reading is the way to go! But I also would like to be á jour with what's happening in the world of fashion and celebrities. Very important, both of them.

Today's Coord

This time I'm updating on better time, I promise I'll be better with these posts. It's a lot of things I have to do; keep in shape, do nice co-ord/make/hair, work, study (not right now but soon), take care of things at home etc. I don't really feel like any of them can be compromised, but unfortunately fashion and beauty is usually what I have to suffer :/

Ha ha, my Converse are so fail right now. I've had them for about 2-3 years, and they've been through outdoors-parties and a festival, the shoe laces "broke" recently so I had to buy the first new ones I saw, and that just happened to be these festive ones I found at this "emo" store. Can't be better matched than with my clownish Hello Kitty-socks ^_~
This was my inspiration for today's co-ord, I need to get myself a vest! I have a black sequin one at home that's quite nice, I think that's one of the things that can really transform a boring outfit into more fun, boho chic. I want to get a denim one, a brown suede one and a knitted one, or maybe two ;)
 The one-eye-closed-pose is much easier to do when you're not wearing circle lenses and falsies!
For when it gets chilly out I'm tying a denim shirt over it! It's really warm here today, it's not even that cold at night.

Denim Shirt: Zara
Jewelry: Accessorize
Dress: Topshop
Shoes: Converse


So, I've gotten about zero hours of sleep this night. I don't know, I'm just SO FULL OF ENERGY! I'm not tired now either, but I was pretty pissed when it started to get light outside this morning and I was wide awake. The problem with being up all night is not so much the lack of energy, there's Red Bull and coffee to solve that problem. The problem is more my EXTREME ugliness! My pores look like acne scars. I'm telling you, when I walk by someone the cringe by the fear of getting sucked into the craters on my face. I went light with the make-up today because of that reason, I'm not one to cover up with foundation, it just makes the problem worse I think. If I have terrible no-sleep-skin AND dark eye-make up I just look like a 10 cent-whore.

I guess the reason to my sleep deprivation was the fact that I've been really excited about today! Today Seb's mom arrived, and we got to rent a car. It kind of makes the last days left feel like vacation, and at least it is for her so me and Seb won't be whining about how much we hate it here, ha ha ^_^ Tomorrow night is my last work day and after that it's all restaurants and fun in the sun, and then it's GOING HOME TAJMU!!! I'm very happy too, because she brought us candy and I got Swedish girly magazines, I've been missing them so much. I even got my favourite all-Swedish magazine, which is SOLO. And could you imagine, it even featured one of my favourite celebs on the cover - Miranda Kerr ^_^
This was my therapy this morning, I made these silly doodles and then I wasn't sad about not having slept anymore ^_^ The "Y U NO"-guy is my idol right now ^_^

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saturday Coord

Oh, shame on me for not updating, I'm high on my love for tumblr! Anyways, me and Seb went over for dinner at a friend of his house, and this is what I wore.
 Boring co-ord, even though I really like the dress. I should wear more jewelry, that's one of the things I'm really not good at :/

Denim jacket: Levi's
Dress: Free People/Urban Outfitters
 I really like my hair now, it has gotten quite long and also it's a nice and natural blond-ish shade :)
 I love love love my Dolly Wink-lashes, I just need to cut down the Diamond Lash ones a bit, I'm not comfortable wearing something so dramatic :/ Here I'm wearing Mac #41, they're pretty much the same length as my own, but the overall look is nicer with falsies.
 Tried doing the "one-eye-closed"-pose, it's harder than it looks!
Lately I've been just having french manicure on my nails, I think I'm getting too old for parts and stuff, from now on I'll only use sticker or small rhinestones #oldmaid

Saturday, March 26, 2011


 Yesterday me and Seb got up at 5 AM to watch the sun rise. Of course this ONE time when I actually needed to have my camera, the battery runs out after one picture! So ironic, I don't think I've ever ran out of batteries before! It was really beautiful too, cloud-free sky and lovely, golden morning light. I'm still bummed about it, I'm pretty sure I won't get Seb to get up that early again.
 Later that day, after sleeping for a couple of hours in the morning, we went out for frozen yogurt/smoothie and then sushi, so yummy ^_^ Although I miss Swedish sushi, it's much better and faster, plus they have veggie-sushi.
Today most of the office, including my boyfriend, are away paint-balling. I'm not since I'm a pacifist. Instead I'm spending this beautiful, sunny day inside of a dark office on my computer. I also went to Body Shop to buy some products I needed: Aloe Vera Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin, Mango Body Butter and a small Cocoa Body Butter, I need a small one to bring on the plane. I get seriously dry-skin-problems when I fly, horrible :(

Thursday, March 24, 2011

It's kind of a funny story

Me and Sebastian watched this movie yesterday, I recommend all of you to do the same! Really awesome movie, great actors, story and over-all movie experience! I liked the film's message as well, anyone who's ever felt down can probably relate to it. Beautiful.

Bang, Bangs!

My hair was bothering me, so I started cutting it to get rid of the annoying parts, but then the sink started to fill up with hair and suddenly I was a girl with bangs! Woah! When did that happen? Oh well, I rather like it, at least I didn't cut them too short! Sebastian said it didn't look very professionally done, and I guess he's right, so maybe I'll have to pay a visit to the hairdresser soon, it's about time anyway. Tell me a cool place in Stockholm to cut your hair, I don't want people to tease me for having a lame hairdresser!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Prepping for S/S (image heavy)

My favourite time of year! Spring and summer fashion is my absolute favourite, I think spring especially, because if it's really warm during summer I feel like I just melt away and pretty clothes is unnecessary (mostly I'm just lazy). I've been browsing around the internet to find some pieces I really like.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

15 Days left...

And tomorrow it's exactly two weeks! I really can't wait. Today we cleaned out or bedroom from mold for like the fifth time since we got here, so hopefully we won't have to do it again and we'll be able to sleep well for the following weeks. I think our disgusting apartment is what I'll be the happiest to get away from once we get home. The second thing is probably food. Good gracious god, I miss shopping at Coop >.< You bastards don't know how lucky you are, I'll never take plockgodis or decent dairy products for granted again, mark my words!

Every time I read a blog and they post a picture from the streets of Stockholm, it's like fucking porn! It seems so lovely too, because it's like spring now, if the cherry blossom starts to bloom before I've gotten home I'm gonna get pissed >.< And the new Topshop store opened last Friday, I jumped up and down like a crazy person when I read about it!

Monday, March 21, 2011

My Friday

 Our plans were to go out for dinner with a friend of Sebastian's, and this is what I wore. Cute outfit, but my legs look pathetically short and stumpy ;___;

Cardigan: H&M
Belt: H&M
Necklace: Accessorize
Earrings: Vivienne Westwood
 Meeeeow ^_~
 This is what I had for dinner, a HUGE salmon fillet with some kind of sauce (I don't quite remember what it was, but the description of this dish was really long, like there was mint and dry martini and all kinds of stuff in there!), on a bed of spinach and topped with two big prawns. Very tasty, and it feels so lush to get both fish and prawns :D
Looks really dull, but this is my tiramisu that I had for dessert. We went to an Italian restaurant and they had "sweet of the day" which could either be tiramisu, crême brûlée or panna cotta. I actually wanted the panna cotta, but they didn't have it so then I chose the crême brûlée since I hadn't had it in a long time, but that was out as well so I had to settle for the tiramisu, ha ha. I didn't minde though, it was very delicious. All though not as delicious as the gorgeous green tea tiramisu I ate last month, I still have dreams about it.

After we had dinner we went to a bar, and then me and Seb went out to the bar street and met up with people from work. I normally drink wine, but the wine they serve at the bars are so fucking disgusting and cheap-tasting, I had a bunch of Smirnoff Ice instead. I can't drink sugar like that, I enjoy my sweets every now and then, but when I drink sugary drinks or whatever I get really nauseous. I ended up drinking a lot of Red Bull Sugar Free instead, I think that's the best party drink, it stopped me from getting too drunk as well. We actually ended up going home at five in the morning, I felt like a kid again!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hej Mamma!

First time wearing make-up this week, so not interested in anything having to do with clothes or make-up right now. I'm all about getting in shape and getting a tan, well mostly getting a tan since that doesn't require any work. 

I'm trying out being vegan right now, or almost vegan, I still eat quorn and pasta. And possible fish if I'm at a restaurant. It feels really good though, like a cleanse or detox, I think everybody should change up their eating habits every now and then. If you're restricting what you can't have for a little while you'll start to appreciate the flavours more.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Starbucks new logo

I tried having my soy chai latte from a Starbucks cup with the new logo... disappointing! Or, well it tasted the same but I'm not happy with the new design. Like with all changes I guess you'll grow custom to the new design and eventually think the old one looks weird, but right now I think the old one looked so much better.

What do you think? Do you like the old or new design better?


10 days until payday (sometimes I feel like my life is just a long countdown until my next payday), when it's payday there's 5 or 6 days until Sebastian mom comes to visit. And we will rent a car then, and so that week will just fly by I presume. And then, then it's FINALLY the 6th of April, and I can go HOOOOME!!! Oooh, sweet, sweet home.

Of course I'll have to spend 4 hours on an airport in Amsterdam, and that really blows, it's not like they have coffee shops next to the tax free-shop. At least that's a pretty big airport, so hopefully it won't be totally boring. I just hate spending an entire day one a plane. I love flying, but I hate the waiting. Especially when I've been waiting for 3 months all ready. And I hate the kind of dry skin you get from flying, and you always feel really dirty and bloated. Ugh.

I'm still very much looking forward, though.

Monday, March 14, 2011

What have happen in Japan is so horrible, I can't remember I've ever felt at effected by something like this before, at least not since 9/11. Of course disasters and people dying is always tragic, but it's so much more relatable when it happens to another "rich" country, because their lives are more similar to ours. I was told today that they just found like 2-3000 dead bodies somewhere, it's so horrible just to think of that sight! I think a lot about children as well, children who have always felt secure who are suddenly separated from their parents.

Let's just hope they'll recover soon, and that we want experience another Chernobyl.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fucking Homesick.

Read, don't read, whatever. I have to get this out.

I miss not being shit ass cold when I'm inside, I miss not having to cling on to a halogen heater in order to not have my ass frozen off.
I miss my wonderful little apartment that isn't gross, which walls isn't rotten with mold, my apartment that isn't filled with disgusting insects. My apartment that doesn't smell of damp, and with windows that aren't constantly dripping wet.
I miss going to the toilet and being able to wash my hands off with water that isn't freezing cold, and I miss getting to wipe my hands with a towel that isn't soaking wet from hanging on the wall for five minutes.
I miss my fast internet, I miss having internet at home, I miss Sweden's wonderful 3G-net. How the fuck do you tweet on-the-go without 3G?!
I miss Sweden's wonderful grocery stores, where everything is in a logical place, where we have endless aisles of health food. I miss all the lovely dairy products, I miss being able to read the nutritional facts about the food I'm buying. I miss JUICE, did you know that they don't have real juice here? Everything is like juice cocktail or some shit. I miss cheese blocks and thin slices of sandwich turkey.
I miss living 5 minutes walking distance from one of the biggest grocery stores in Sweden, not 30 minutes away from the crappiest grocery store on earth.
I miss store clerks who are reasonably nice, and who aren't talking to their colleagues while serving you.
I miss being able to walk outside during daytime without being scared of being sexually harassed, I miss not having to rely on my boyfriend for safety.
I miss macaroons, and chocolate pralines, and real candy, and licorice, and many different flavours of Ben & Jerry's, and Swedish magazines, and exotic snacks.
I miss all my clothes, I miss having the possibility to buy new ones, I miss every single item in our apartment, all our kitchen equipment.
I miss people watching, people in Stockholm are unbelievably beautiful and well-dressed.

I seem very ungrateful, I'm aware of that. People tell me I shouldn't miss Sweden right now because it's oh-so-cold. I know it is, I fucking hate the cold. I hate that Sweden necessarily has to be located so far north. But I really love everything with that country, other countries aren't even an option, they don't know how to live. Honestly, why wouldn't you isolate your house? It's so fucking stupid I can't even stand it. I accept so much when I'm here that I would never accept otherwise. I feel gross all the time, everything is gross, our apartment is the most disgusting place I'd ever had the misfortune to spend time in.

Today it's exactly 4 weeks until I'm going home, and I'm counting hours.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Recipe: Banana Smoothie

I had a big breakfast yesterday, my regular oatmeal with peanut butter and banana slices, as well as a banana smoothie. I had two bananas left and they were about to go bad, so I had to eat them before they did, I'm trying to throw out less food, I want to be more environmental. I actually hate eating bananas when they have brown spots and stuff, but they're great to use in a smoothie. They actually taste more when they're like this!

This is what I used in my smoothie:
♥ 1 very ripe banana
♥ 100 ml soy milk light
♥ 2 big teaspoons low-fat yogurt
♥ cinnamon (the more the merrier!)
♥ 1 teaspoon of honey
♥ Walnuts for garnish

I actually didn't have a blender or blending stick, so I used an electric whip! When it's banana this works fine, but if you want any other kind of smoothie (like one with apples in it), you'll need a blender. Just mix all ingredients together and pour into a tall drinking glass, bon apetite!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Random recent pics

I'm terrible with my updates and I'm sorry about that. It's just I'm so into tumblr right now, it's my fitness blog and right now I'm more focused on getting in shape for summer than evolving my style, I'm really bored with the clothes I have to work with. I promise I'll update with more co-ords and gets when I get back to Sweden in April!
 Every Sunday I buy a Pooh-themed surprise chocolate egg, last Sunday I got a little Pooh-puzzle ^_^
 The cherry blossom has all ready started blooming here, I'm so happy that I get to experience it twice this year!
 My obsession; Starbucks Soy-Chai Latte
 Ha ha, this is a pamphlet I got in the mail the other day, it's an add for weight loss supplements. What's so funny about it is that this is SO the ideal for men/women here, it's funny because it's such a cliché! Would you want your body to look like this? ^_^
 Friday AND Saturday we went to the cutest little ice cream shop "True Bliss", I love the look of this place! Last time I was here it was located far away, so we only went there once, but now they've moved very close to our office, so we can go there all the time :D (dangerous!!)
 I had guilt-free mango/banana fro-yo, delicious!
 We went to say hello to the kittens, who aren't kittens anymore. This one is a little Kitler ^_^ It's the tiniest of all the kittens, but it's kind of sad because her siblings are pushing her away from the food so she doesn't grow properly :(
 We went for a walk and walked by a sleeping cat. I love cats laying down because it looks like someone "poured" cat on the pavement :D
 On Saturday we went to True Bliss again, Seb had a blueberry-smoothie and I had a peanut butter/banana-smoothie ^_^
I love him, even though he has stupid hair ^_^

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today's Coord: Retro Girly

 I tried out the "Retro Girly"-style today, I'm very much in love with it, I love it when someone puts a name on what I love ^_^ How do you think I did? If you aren't familiar with Retro Girly, make sure to visit the Universal-Doll blog, she's covered many other styles in the past and her posts are always very informative!

Necklace + Earrings: Accessorize
Blouse: Zara
Shorts: H&M

Ha ha, it's so typical, I've been trying to get my tan on lately, but then I put on the nude tights and they're just WAY lighter than my actual skin tone, feel so pale :(
My make-up is a bit too extreme for this style, but the Diamond Lashes are the only ones that I have and like right now, all my other lashes are old and feels disgusting to use. I really like my new, nude nail colour. I do love extravagant designs, but I feel more appealed to do them during fall, it's like summer here now so I like to keep it simple :)

And sorry for pic spamming my face lately, they're for my mum, who follows this blog religiously, HI MUM! ♥