Sunday, February 27, 2011

Breakfast at Sea Side

 This morning me and baby took the car and drove to a cafe called "Sea Side Cafe" to have breakfast, wanting to get the most out of having a car.
 Good Morning!
Anybody jealous of the fact that we can sit outside and eat, ha ha? Nah, I'm sorry, I'm being mean :(
 The cafe is located right by the sea, so you'll get a lovely view over that turqouise water.
 Seb had a club sandwich with french fries and I had a fruit salad consisting of strawberry, banana, kiwi and pear. It's really weird, because I get a allergic reaction (itchy and swollen lips) from eating just kiwi, but not when I eat it in a salad or smoothie O_o really weird!

I helped Seb out with his french fries, best ones I've ever had!
 The cutest little kitten was harassing us for food the entire meal, ha ha ^_^ She was so cute we couldn't resist feeding her bacon and french fries ♥
We drove past the Water park, I'm really sad I won't be able to visit it before we leave, water parks are the funnest thing I know! I don't think we have one in Sweden, and I'm not planning to visit southern Europe for many years to come.

Today's Co-ord

 My look today, nerdy bunny girl ^_^ Felt like it was about time to wear my usamimi and nerd glasses, they've been laying around unused for too long. I wore a different bag for the first time in ages, too. I usually just wear my off white ribbon-bag from Topshop.

Usamimi: H&M
Glasses: Cubus
T-shirt: H&M
Skirt: H&M Kids
Handbag: Topshop
Shoes: Converse
Love, love, LOVE my hair! It's so thick and long now, I don't even feel the need to style it very much anymore, today I just brushed it and teased the roots a little ^_^

Trip to Throdos Mountains

After breakfast and checking out of our room on Saturday morning, we got in the car and drove to the Throdos Mountains. Throdos is a big chain of mountains and it's very close to Paphos, like a 10 minute drive, although we drove for hours up and down the hills. I didn't take too many pictures, we spent most of the time in the car, and pictures taken from inside a car usually isn't very good, also it was hard to capture the beauty, I felt like this was something you just have to experience for yourself.
 We stopped at this little family owned tavern for lunch, they were so sweet and barely spoke English. It felt like a really authentic place, so it was more of a good experience culture-wish than food-wise.
 Higher up in the mountains we visited a small winery and tasted and bought a couple of bottles of wine.
 The mountains are so much colder than the rest of Cyprus right now, wearing shorts wasn't very enjoyable at all.
Almost at the top of the mountain, snow! We stopped here and drove back again, if we had went any further we would've reached the ski resort. Yep, that's right, it's actually possible to go skiing here! 

I had such an amazing time both Friday and Saturday, definitely the best time I had since I came to Cyprus. I'm really homesick right now, but I think the time that's left will be easier to handle after having such a good time this weekend! I just wished we could keep the car, life here is much easier when you have a car. We bought groceries to a worth of 200€ yesterday just so we wouldn't have to go shopping again this month.

Friday Gets

 I bought this sheer blouse at Zara, I'm so in love with it, and it feels like this is something that will be very trendy this spring! Now I just have to get a big, slouchy hat to pair with it.
 I bought a small satchel bag at Zara as well, it's real leather but was only 25€! I don't usually use small bags, but sometimes it's handy when you don't want to carry too much stuff with you. I really like the look of this one, it's pretty classic and will go great with the boho chic style I usually dress in during S/S.
 I bought a yellow-ish pearl necklace at Accessorize. I'm terrible at wearing jewelry, but I really like pearls, I think they really can lift an outfit.
 I bought these little "hippie" headbands, from Accessorize as well.
 I bought a cute Hello Kitty-shirt to sleep in from Oysho, now I don't have to steal my boyfriend's shirts anymore ^_^
 I love her sparkly ribbon! ^_^
I bought some underwear sets at Oysho as well, so happy to have matching sets! I really have a hard time finding underwear that I like in Sweden, I usually go to H&M but all their bras seem to have non-negotiable padding, DO NOT WANT! Any suggestions of where to find nice underwear in Stockholm? Don't say Agent Provocateur!

Trip to Limassol (picture heavy)

 We got up quite early, 9-ish, Seb had to go get our rental car, and I had to put make-up on and stuff. Road trip, woop woop! We didn't have any CDs and we didn't enjoy listening to the radio in Greek, so we listened to my iPod in our portable speakers.

Friday Co-ord #2

 After a day of shopping, I had to change to go out in the evening. I wore my new blouse (LOVE it!) and my denim cut-offs. I had a black lace bra under, I kind of like it, is it tacky? I think it's pretty sexy, but not as sexy as wearing nothing underneath, ha ha. But I'm not that brave/stupid :p I wish I'd worn some other shoes though, like heels. I tried on a really nice pair och heels at Zara, but sadly the 37s were too small and the 38s were too big :(

Blouse: Zara
Necklace: Accessorize
Cut-offs: H&M
Ballerina Flats: H&M
I had my hair in a messy bun, I just wished I would've had my curling iron to curl the strands of hair hanging down.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friday Co-ord #1

 This is what I wore yesterday, I love that onsie and I'm so happy that I finally have a nice belt to wear with it, it really brings it all together ^_^

Cardi: H&M
Onsie: Topshop
Belt: H&M
Ballerina Flats: H&M
Finally I got to wear my new eye lashes, I heard both good and bad things about Diamond Lash, but I really liked them! They're not the best quality, but they were very easy to apply and the band was very soft so they didn't hurt my eyes. They're also very reasonably priced and totally worth the money! The design is very extravagant and eye-catching, maybe a bit much for my taste, but a over-the-top design is pretty crucial for me since my own lashes are very long, a lot of lashes just disappears.

The Dollywinks, OH MY GOD I love them SO much!! They're probably the best lashes I've ever tried! They're stiff enough so to not feel cheap, but soft enough so to not feel cheap. Super-easy to apply and the glue was great as well. I'm so becoming a Dollywink-girl after this ^_^

Friday, February 25, 2011

My day is going fabulous, thank you!

Hi everybody! I've had the best day today ^_^ We rented a car this morning and drove to Limassol, me, Seb and our friend from work. Even though it's just a 40-minute drive from Paphos, we decided to check in at a hotel over the night. I was a little worried that it wouldn't be too nice of a hotel, so I was happily surprised when it turned out to be a hell of a nice hotel :D I'm almost a little sad we're only staying here one night, I've taken a lot of pictures today so I'll show you tomorrow. We've been shopping today as well, and as you know nothing makes me happier! Carrying those shopping bags makes me feel so rich, ha ha ^_^ 

Hope you all are having a Friday night just as fabulous as mine, love! ♥

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hello there fishies, now swim into my belly ^__^

Sebastian went with our boss to IKEA today to buy some stuff for the office, he also picked up a few presents for me; Licorice fish, strawberry candy laces, custard and smoked salmon! Om nom nom ^_^ I think I'm gonna hold on to the candy until next week and reward myself with them then, there are so many other things to eat this weekend, ha ha ^_^
I'm really happy about the salmon, though. They have salmon at the grocery stores here, but it's really expensive so we never buy it, and that's kind of weird for me since I eat salmon several times a week at home, ha ha.

Me Today

 Actually had time to put on make-up today, I decided to work out at home instead of the gym, so that saved a lot of time. Tried out my new lenses as well, at first I was disappointed with how little change they made, but now I really like them, it's like "My Eyes 2.0" instead of a transformation! I bought them since I heard they were comfortable, so I'll have to wait for the end of the night to see if that's true, I can't wear my Geo Angel Nudy Blues at work because they strain my eyes too much while on the computer.
My hair has gotten so long! ^_^ I'm really happy about that, I've really started to love my hair! I can't believe I went on for so long with shitty, broken strands, horrible.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's finally here!!

Oh, I had been waiting for ages for my Pinky Paradise-parcel to arrive, and today it finally did! Well, actually it arrived some time ago, but the geniuses at the post office didn't find it necessary to send me a notice about it for some reason >.< So I don't want to put any blame on Pinky Paradise for the delay. Anyways, this is what I got:
Dolly Wink #no.6 Baby Cute, Diamond Lash no.3 Angel Eye, Seeshell Cosmo Green Circle lenses. I also got a yellow hippo lens case, and this little ribbon-thingy with velcro on the back that you put in your hair to get your bangs out of your face when applying make-up ^_^ 
I'm so super-excited to try all this out, but I'll have to wait until Friday because I don't have time to do my make-up or anything until then, I'm so focused on working out right now, it really takes up all my time! But it's great, I really enjoy it. Too bad this blog is kind of suffering because of it, but my gym card will soon run out and then I'll be all yours ;)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Friday Foods ♥

 We went out for a walk and a little bite to eat, Seb had a chicken crêpe and I had fruit salad with vanilla ice cream, yum! I eat surprisingly little ice cream for being me now a days, when I lived at home I guzzled down at least one pint of Ben & Jerry's every week, ha ha ^_^
 Later that night we went out for dinner, we went to this lovely restaurant called "Goose fat & Garlic". It's the best restaurant in Paphos and maybe even the best one I've ever been to! I usually just eat chicken or fish, but tonight I felt like being adventurous, so I ordered some pork fillet with creamy mushroom sauce (♥) and gnocchi, it was really delicious!
For dessert I had a green tea tiramisu, and it was oh-so-very delicious, I miss it thinking about it now :( I was curious of how green tea would do in a dessert, but it didn't taste very much green tea at all, it was just very very tasty. I also had a very sweet cocktail of Bailey's, Amaretto and Kahlua. I rarely drink anymore, but this was just a little too good to turn down, tastes like candy!

Friday Coord

 This is what I wore when I went out to dinner with Sebastian and our boss last night. I actually just threw something on and was a little uncertain at first, but I think it was a pretty cute look. Looks a little Christmasy, don't you think? 
Blazer: Silence + Noise/Urban Outfitters
Sweater: H&M
Shoes: H&M
I really like how my hair turned out yesterday, feels like I've gotten a hang of the best way to work with my hair.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To all y'all health nuts out there!

I've decided to stop posting about diet, exercise and health in this blog, this blog is about my life and fashion, gyaru. If anyone is interested in reading about those kinds of topics, feel free to visit or follow my tumblr instead: Coconutprincess.

xoxo ♥

Today's Coord

A pretty boring one, I have to say. Since it's gym day I don't have time for hair or make-up. It's not like me to wear this much black, what's happening?! I wore a lot of black yesterday as well. 
Anyways, using my black tie-dye dress as a top with a tight black skirt over it. That dress is way too short, so I can't wear it by itself. It really bothers me, because it looked fine one the model, and she must have been like 20 cm taller than me or something? Maybe I'll cut it off or something, use it as a top instead.

Dress: Rare Fashion/
Hoodie: H&M
Belt: H&M
Skirt: Gina Tricot
Shoes: Converse

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Valentine's Day

 For lunch we went to Penguino Cafe and I had a fruit platter, yum! I love pomegranate seeds, but they're so hard to get out of the fruit, it feels really luxurious to have them all ready cut up!
 We finally remembered to feed the kittens ^_^ They were very hungry little kittens, I want to go and feed them everyday!
My Valentine's gift, a lip gloss from Lancôme juicy tubes "tunes", Marshmallow Electric. I love this, it has the perfect light pink colour, I love the sticky texture and I love the wonderful marshmallow taste! I didn't get anything for Seb, there really isn't anything here that I can buy for him :( But I'll make up for it by buying an extra gift for him when we get home!
I baked cupcakes for the office yesterday, very tasty ^_^ I tried adding some yogurt to the batter this time, which made them fluffier and lighter than usually.

Valentine's Outfit

 This is how I looked on Valentine's. Not my best co-ordination, I know, but I wanted to look pink and cute ^_^

Dress/tunic: Friend bought it in Tokyo, no brand.
Denim Jacket: Levi's
Shorts: H&M
Ballerina Flats: Nilson
♡ Happy Valentine's everyone! ♡
Sorry about not wishing it yesterday, clumsy me forgot my camera at home and didn't want to blog without any pictures.