Sunday, March 6, 2011

Random recent pics

I'm terrible with my updates and I'm sorry about that. It's just I'm so into tumblr right now, it's my fitness blog and right now I'm more focused on getting in shape for summer than evolving my style, I'm really bored with the clothes I have to work with. I promise I'll update with more co-ords and gets when I get back to Sweden in April!
 Every Sunday I buy a Pooh-themed surprise chocolate egg, last Sunday I got a little Pooh-puzzle ^_^
 The cherry blossom has all ready started blooming here, I'm so happy that I get to experience it twice this year!
 My obsession; Starbucks Soy-Chai Latte
 Ha ha, this is a pamphlet I got in the mail the other day, it's an add for weight loss supplements. What's so funny about it is that this is SO the ideal for men/women here, it's funny because it's such a cliché! Would you want your body to look like this? ^_^
 Friday AND Saturday we went to the cutest little ice cream shop "True Bliss", I love the look of this place! Last time I was here it was located far away, so we only went there once, but now they've moved very close to our office, so we can go there all the time :D (dangerous!!)
 I had guilt-free mango/banana fro-yo, delicious!
 We went to say hello to the kittens, who aren't kittens anymore. This one is a little Kitler ^_^ It's the tiniest of all the kittens, but it's kind of sad because her siblings are pushing her away from the food so she doesn't grow properly :(
 We went for a walk and walked by a sleeping cat. I love cats laying down because it looks like someone "poured" cat on the pavement :D
 On Saturday we went to True Bliss again, Seb had a blueberry-smoothie and I had a peanut butter/banana-smoothie ^_^
I love him, even though he has stupid hair ^_^

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