Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Prepping for S/S (image heavy)

My favourite time of year! Spring and summer fashion is my absolute favourite, I think spring especially, because if it's really warm during summer I feel like I just melt away and pretty clothes is unnecessary (mostly I'm just lazy). I've been browsing around the internet to find some pieces I really like.

I'm SO in love with Jeffrey Campbell right now, it's the most perfect shoes. I'm getting the caramel ones, but I'd really like the multicoloured ones as well, to be honest there isn't a pair I wouldn't want! I really like that dress as well, it looks like something you just put on and you're instantly more well-dressed, like it's very easy to wear.

From Topshop
Another, transperant dress that I think looks like it's easy to wear, although you'd probably need a black under dress or something. The second dress is so cute, they had tons of these at Topshop's website but I didn't want to post all of them. Basically just really cute and retro-looking, love it! I'd like to have one of those fringy crop-tops, but I'm not sure if I'd ever feel comfortable showing off my tummy, maybe with all the fringes it'd feel more okay :) I love those floppy hats! It feels like one of the biggest trends this year and I'm so excited to rock it! I'd like a tan one like in the picture, and a black one. 

House of Harlow-jewelry from KyssJohanna
Nicole Richie is my biggest style icon, of course I love her line of jewelry! It looks like the stuff she wears, but it's very affordable, I'll probably buy a few pieces this spring. I especially like the bangles and the rings, unfortunately those are things I rarely use... maybe I would start if I had jewelry this fabulous?!
Bracelet from Hérmes
As seen on Nicole Richie ^_^ Of course I can only dream of owning this, at least in the near future (I will one day, you have my word!), it's like 4,000 SEK or something. So worth it, though. But I don't think it would look very good with all my cheap H&M-clothing ;)
I really like these sheer blouses, I had a hard time finding ones I liked on the sites I browsed but I really like this one from UO, it's very similar to one my pupe has, he he.
And the white socks, I just LOVE the white sock/heels-trend, so cute! I have a pair of socks similar to these actually, just haven't come around to use them yet. I think they would look great with the Jeffrey Campbell-heels!

More simple, lovely dresses. And more Jeffrey Campbell shoes! I love love loooove these! So boholicious! 

Expensive designer bags from Mulberry, Miu Miu and Marc Jacobs. Naturally won't be getting any of these soon, but I really like light-coloured bags, especially in spring time. I would love to own a expensive one in real leather, but for now I'll settle for the one I have from Topshop, which is still very nice.

Chanel glasses and RayBans from Net-a-Porter
I love the big sunglasses, but I also love the classic RayBans. More likely to get the RayBans though, and even more likely to get cheap knock-offs, but it's the thought that counts, right?

For this spring I really love the retro girly-style, but I'll always love Nicole Richies boho-chic style, so I guess everything I buy will be one or the other. I'm planning a wardrobe make-over this year, sadly I'll have to give away most of my clothes since they aren't nice enough to sell, but it'll be nice to have more closet space! I will focus on buying more expensive and high quality clothing, and this year I won't be shopping at all at H&M! That's definitely is going to be a challenge.

What trends are you into this S/S? Which season do you tend to feel most excited about? 

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