Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

I'm off to my friends house now, I just wanted to wish all the readers of this blog a Happy New Year! Hope you all have a wonderful time tonight, or whenever you're celebrating, ha ha ^__^

Day 30 – This makes me wanna cry

I try to cry as often as possible, and I usually cry to things on tv, like Extreme Home Makeover.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gal meet pics

Some pictures that I took from our most-recent gal meet in Stockholm! I'm usually really bad at taking pictures at others, so I'm trying to better myself, but please, feel free to tell me if you don't like a picture I uploaded and wants me to take it down. 
I know Sofia and Erika uploaded some pictures on their blogs all ready, and I'm sure Amanda, Becci and Fredrik will upload some as well! ^_^ 
Btw, I thought it was so awesome to have a gyaru-o at our meet-up this time!

Day 29 – My ambitions

Well, I've all ready told you what my dreams are, aren't ambitions the same thing? I have the ambition to be successful, I have the ambition to make lots of money, I have the ambition to be at least quadro-lingual (Swedish, English, Japanese, French), I have the ambition to be liked, I have the ambition to be a good wife and mother. Happy? ^_^

Todays Face look

This is me today, but just face and hair, I wore this but I didn't find it necessary to photograph the same outfit twice.

Yesterday's Coords

 My face look yesterday, I usually don't take pictures with flash but I think it looks okay here, my eyes really pop! I used my new Mac-lashes (no. 41), but I can't say I liked them as much as the no. 7-ones, the band was stiff, they weren't naturally curled and not as easy to apply. Also, they weren't even longer than my natural lashes >.< Well, at least they added some extra volume and different shape, so it was still worth it!
I'm not at all pleased with my hair, it's so flat and not very styled at all. I was in a hurry so once I was done with my make-up I had to run to the bus. Still, when you meet up with your gal friends you want to be the best gal you can be, and what's a gal without her big hair? Ha ha ^_^''
At least I liked my outfit. I had to buy a waist belt for my new dress, it was just a little loose which seemed to add extra volume to my body shape = DO NOT WANT! I don't know if it's noticeable, but I'm wearing my new lacy socks, they looked really cute with those ankle boots, and they really kept my feet warm! The only thing I would want to change is my coat, but I only have this and my leopard one packed up at the moment, and I didn't want to match stars with leopard.

Coat: Red Label
Socks: Urban Outfitters
Ankle boots: Nilson

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Today's Get + food

Today I went to a last-minute gal meet, I'm so happy that I had time to attend two while I'm still in Sweden! I actually took pictures today so I will show them later.
 I had vegetarian spring rolls for lunch today, so good!
 When I got back home from town my package from had arrived! I got this tight, off white dress. It has really beautiful details when you look up close.
 I love the back on it, but I think I should wear another bra, ha ha ^_^''
 Sorry for the bad pic, white dress, the "skirt" is really tight but it's a bit poofy over the torso.
 White summer dress with pockets, naturally I'd have to wear another dress under this, since it's see-through.
 Off-white ankle-high cowboy inspired boots, love these! They're so perfect to wear during spring, and maybe even summer. You could probably wear them during night, great with tanned legs!
 I bought a Mickey-sweater on sale at H&M today, I wanted this earlier this fall but didn't have any money at the moment, and I went to Cyprus soon after it had arrived at the stores. So happy to find the last one, in my size, too!
 I bought two tanke tops as well, with peace-signs!
 Before going home I went to Lush, I bought:
Bubblegum lip scrub
Celestial face cream
and Ultrabalm

Because I bought things for more than 350 SEK, I got a free surprise-bag, with products worth the same amount! I got:
Fair Trade Foot Lotion
Happy Hippy
Massage oil in cake form
and Snow Fairy lip tint.

When I got home and showed-off my gets, my mum gave me the Charity Pot Body & Hand Creme.
Great day for me, ha ha ^_^ I haven't done any Lush-shopping in ages!
 I bought two nail polishes for french manicure, and also rhinestones, I need to make new nails for New Year's!
 Bought new lashes for everyday-use.
 Dove Summer Glow, I have to go tanning tomorrow as well, I refuse to celebrate the new year being pale!
When I got home me and Seb went to the Thai-restaurant and bought take out, Pad Thai, my favourite!
My last gift for Seb finally arrived, a Cyanide & Happiness-plushie! So happy that he got it before we left. So cute, right? ^_^ Figured he should have a stuffed animal as well, since I have so many.

Day 28 – I miss this

Nothing, everything is better now than it was before.

Today's Coords

This is what I wore today, not at all pleased with this. I wore my new over knee-socks, but they were squeezing on my fat and made me very uncomfortable, not flattering on my thighs >.< Also, I wore a denim skirt with belt under that long tunic, which looked weird and made me look bigger than necessary. 

Coat: Red Label
Tunic: Kimchi & Blue
Denim skirt: H&M Kids
Tights: H&M Kids
Knee socks: Topshop

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Shopping Day

Even though I didn't get much sleep the other night, I still got in to town at noon to shop some more. I need to buy more shirts/tops, but I don't know what to get. What kind of tops would you say is absolutely necessary to have in your wardrobe?
 At 3 I met up with my mum and we went for a bite to eat, sushi! I had "Mika Special"; two tofus, two salmons, one avocado and one tuna ^_^
 I bought new underwear at Accessorize, they had half of on almost everything, SCORE!
 I also bought a cute, leopard print umbrella, figured I'll need on in Cyprus since it's raining all the time.
 Before I met up with my mum I said hello to Seb who was going to visit his brother. We went to a game shop and I bought two expansions packs for the Sims 3, they were only a 100 SEK, so cheap!!
 I bought new socks at Urban Outfitters with a cute lace top. Apart from this I was rather disappointed in UO this time, they didn't have very nice clothes at all, and it was all very expensive >.<
 I bought new Mac lashes (I'm in love!), no. 41 and 42. I think I'm going to wear no. 42 (the top ones) on New Years, they're so extreme!
I bought some new t-shirts to work out in, I love the middle one, I think it'll be so funny to wear that to the gym!
After shopping and sushi, me and mum went to see the new Harry Potter movie, I loved it! I think this was the best of all Harry Potter movies ^_^ If you haven't seen it yet you absolutely should! Can't wait until summer for part 2, though. 
The only thing I disliked about it was the big snake, because of that I couldn't see the movie in 3D, apart from that it was fabulous!

Yesterday's Coords

 This is what I wore when I went shopping yesterday, love this outfit! I got to wear my new shorts as well, I think they looked real nice with that baggy, studded sweater.

Coat: Red Label
Sweater: Silence + Noise
Shorts: H&M

I can sleep when I'm dead.

What am I doing up at 4 AM? I was lying in bed thinking about how totally boring sleeping is, so I got up instead! I really have to start dieting for real tomorrow (or today, really), so I figured I should have one last go at the Christmas food, ha ha ^_^

Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 27 – My favourite places

I wouldn't really say that I have favourite place, but I love sunrises! Sunrises to me means hope, they just makes me SO happy! Maybe because I'm a total morning person?

Today's Gets

I woke up wicked early this morning to get to the Christmas sales in time, I got there one hour after the stores had opened (11 AM). Even at this time the town was filled with people, so it was even worse later that day, I realized that I really HATE sales, ha ha! 

I easily get panic attacks when in the presence of crowds, and on top of that I wasn't at all ready for so many people at once! Normally when I go out shopping I go at lunch, and in Cyprus there aren't many people out at all.

This is what I got anyhow: 
 A black and white-striped skirt, it was super-cheap, and also a very useful piece!
 Really cozy leopard-print cardigan from Topshop, the only Topshop piece on sale that fitted me :( I hate being short sometimes! At least I hate being short in Sweden with all the giants >.<
 I found an usamimi at H&M, it was only 10 SEK, score!
 I bought two bras for small boobies, I have major problems with finding fitting bras >-<
 I bought running tights at H&M, and after that I bought a wrist band for running with your iPod.
Brown leather belt.
 Black synthetic belt.
Nordic print knee socks.