Tuesday, March 15, 2011


10 days until payday (sometimes I feel like my life is just a long countdown until my next payday), when it's payday there's 5 or 6 days until Sebastian mom comes to visit. And we will rent a car then, and so that week will just fly by I presume. And then, then it's FINALLY the 6th of April, and I can go HOOOOME!!! Oooh, sweet, sweet home.

Of course I'll have to spend 4 hours on an airport in Amsterdam, and that really blows, it's not like they have coffee shops next to the tax free-shop. At least that's a pretty big airport, so hopefully it won't be totally boring. I just hate spending an entire day one a plane. I love flying, but I hate the waiting. Especially when I've been waiting for 3 months all ready. And I hate the kind of dry skin you get from flying, and you always feel really dirty and bloated. Ugh.

I'm still very much looking forward, though.

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