Tuesday, November 30, 2010

31 Questions for December

Tomorrow the last month of this year is upon us, I've noticed that a lot of bloggers are answering a question each day as kind of a "blog series". I've stolen these questions and altered them a bit (in the original some questions were similar, also I wanted it to last until 31th December so I added one question as well). Tomorrow I'm going to start this, feel free to join in and steel these questions from me! I think it can be quite interesting, it's also good when you can't come up with a topic for a blog post.

Day 01 – About Me
Day 02 – My favourite animal
Day 03 – My Parents
Day 04 – What I ate today?
Day 05 – What is love?
Day 06 – My Day
Day 07 – My Best Friend
Day 08 – A Moment
Day 09 – My Beliefs
Day 10 – My favourite foods
Day 11 – My Siblings
Day 12 – In my iPod
Day 13 – This Week
Day 14 – My Fashion Past
Day 15 – My Dreams
Day 16 – My first encounter with someone special
Day 17 – An ordinary day in my life
Day 18 – My favourite birthday
Day 19 – What I regret
Day 20 – This Month
Day 21 – What I wore today?
Day 22 – This upsets me
Day 23 – This makes me feel better
Day 24 – What Christmas means to me
Day 25 – Things you may or may not know about me
Day 26 – My fears
Day 27 – My favourite place
Day 28 – I miss this
Day 29 – My ambitions
Day 30 – This makes me wanna cry
Day 31 – My Resolutions


We bought a bunch of fruit today, I'm really going to try to eat it. I don't know why, but fruit is always a bit hard for me to eat, I feel like "Ok, now I've started this apple and I have to eat the whole thing". Things like dried fruit, nuts, candy etc. is easier because you can only have a few bites, there for it's a "better" snack, although it really isn't. I like baby oranges though, because they take so long time to get "eating-ready", I don't like them if they have that white crap all over them.

Oh well, whatever. Once again I went to the bank again. Would you think that they've gotten my PIN-number by now? Well of course they haven't! I'm so sick of dealing with them, and I'm so sick of having to WALK up to the bank office every freaking time. I like to get the exercise, but it's time consuming and I really should stay home and study. This time I told the lady to send the PIN to my home address instead, and I got my internet bank working now so I just transferred all my money to my Swedish account, I needed to anyway because I need to internet-shop Christmas present.

On my way home a stray dog attacked me! Okay, maybe attacked is a strong word, but I was just walking peacefully and this dog starts barking at me. It was really scary, it followed me when I tried to walk away and showed its teeth and stuff. I mean if it actually would attack me, what can I do? You don't want to kick a dog in the face, I don't feel like I would even be capable to hurt a small animal. I finally escaped by just walking away slowly. And that's my near-death-experience for today! ^_^''

Monday, November 29, 2010

Me Today

I didn't feel comfortable calling this a "coord"-post, because it really isn't worthy >.<
 Just wearing a black denim skirt, boring 'ol gray tank top and a hoodie. It looked kind of cute indoors, while wearing my ugg-slippers, but when I got outside I put on my Converse instead. I really need a pair of ugg-boots, luckily I'll be getting a fake pair for Chrstimas.
Did a little something different with my make and hair today, a bit heavier make-up than usual, I'm not quite sure about it, but Seb liked it so I guess it's good ^_^ I'm not wearing my lenses today, I stare into a computer screen all night while at work, and my eyes really don't like me doing that while wearing lenses. It's unfortunate, because I really like them, but it also makes me more sure that I need to find a new job when I get home!
I put my hair into two fluffy pig tails today, quite like it :)

Food ranting

We found macaroni today, so I made sticky macaroni for lunch (we missed the meatballs, though). 

I feel a bit bad about my food intake today. I had too much to eat both Saturday and Sunday, and I'll probably eat too much today as well, and still all I can think about is chocolate. I feel bad for my sugar cravings, because I have this addiction that I just maintain. I just eat sugar and carbs all the time, and think it's okay as long as I don't eat more than 1200 calories, but it's really not. It's so bad for me, what if I get diabetes? 

Still, I just find it so unnecessary to eat something if I don't want to eat it, because I'll still be craving what I really want, and get sad because I can't have it. Maybe I should stop being so used to always getting what I want? If you're addicted to drugs or alcohol, you can't ever have them again once you've cured your addiction, but how can one live a life totally free from sugar? That just sounds horrible. Eating yummy treats is such a big part of life, I don't think I would want to live without it!

I once had a detox week and was fine with just eating fruit, no sugar cravings at all. I think I want to have a detox month. When I get home, because I'll need a stick blender. 

What do you do when you crave sugar?

Sunday 28/11 - First of Advent

Yesterday was first of Advent. After work, and going out for dinner, we went home and got snuggly in front of the TV. We boiled glögg which we dipped gingerbread in, and lit a bunch of candles. 

We've borrowed a Xbox from a friend of Sebastian's, and since it's been chipped, none of DVDs we've brought would work. However, the illegal DVDs that we rent works fine, haha! So random. We saw the new Will Farrel-movie yesterday, can't remember the name of it though. It's the one when he and Mark Wahlberg plays cops, anyway. It was OK funny, but not near as funny as the other Will Ferrel-movies that we know and love.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Giveaway at FindingTokyo!

Hana at FindingTokyo is having a New Year's giveaway, follow her awesome blog and enter the contest!

The Magic of Make-up

I really looked horrible this morning, I'm having quite bad skin at the moment. Either it has to do with my poor diet filled with sugar, or maybe it's because I need to wash my make-up brush + my cell phone is filthy (give me my iPhone for God's sake!). Anyways, after my make-up routine I actually felt good about my appearance, isn't that amazing? I love make-up! I love my make-up routine as well, being thorough makes me feel so good about myself.

What's in my bag?

These posts are always fun, I think. I though I should show you what I usually keep with me when I leave the house.
(Click the images to view them bigger)
 This is the bag I usually use, I love it since it was a gift from Seb (one of those amazing gifts that you get just for being such a sweet girlfriend ;)), it's a good size and I love my little fox tail!
  1. Comb, I need to keep it with me at all times in case my hair goes flat.
  2. Pink iPod Nano, I'm a mess without it, I hate not listening to music.
  3. Oolong tea, I just had this in my bag today because I needed to bring new tea to work.
  4. Hemp Hand Protector from the Body Shop, love this! It's the best hand creme in the world, and keeping your hands nice and smooth is very important, hands is the first thing that give away your true age...
  5. Cyprus cell phone, my old Ericsson, I hate having to use this! I need to jail brake my iPhone asap!
  6. My super-cute iPhone, I always keep it with me because the non-internet apps are great when you're bored. I have one app where you track your calorie intake and how much you exercise, so I try to log after every meal.
  7. Sunglasses, aviator model. I need to get a pair of Raybans, these are so low in quality.
  8. My small make-up bag, shaped as a watermelon ^_^
  9. Apricot Lip Balm from the Body Shop.
  10. My big make-up bag featuring Angel Kitty, I need to get a new one though, this is just a cheap bag from H&M, I want something fancier ;)
  11. Pink leather wallet from Topshop
  12. USB-cord for my camera (the camera itself I obviously couldn't photograph), I always keep this with me since I only use the computer at work.
  1.  Pink lipstick from MAC
  2. Pink Lipstick from the Body Shop
  3. Nude lipstick from Viva La Diva
  4. Light pink lipstick from MAC ♥ Hello Kitty co-lab, the colour is a bit too bright and too cold, I regret not choosing the raspberry red one instead.
  5. Coca Cola-flavoured lip gloss from LipSmackers
  6. Mango/Papaya-flavoured lip gloss from HawaiianTropic (haha, you can basically eat this ;))
  7. Candy Floss-flavoured lip balm in an awesomely cute Hello Kitty box, I got this in my ester egg from Seb ♥
  1. Liquid eyeliner from Dior
  2. Light brown eyebrow pencil and gel from Smashbox
  3. Eye drops (very important to keep with you when you use lenses!)
  4. Light pink blusher from Chanel
  5. Under eye high lighter (photo OP) from Smashbox (recommended!)
  6. Fiberwig mascara, best mascara in the world!
  7. Light cover-up from the Body Shop
  8. Black Matt eyeliner pencil from Make Up Store
  9. Light gold eye pencil from Anna Sui, love this, and I hate that you can't get Anna Sui make-up in Sweden, such beautiful packaging.
  10. Purple glitter eye shadow from the Body Shop
  11. Eyelash curler with deco from Red Herring/Debenhams
  12. Light yellow tweezers from Vitry
  13. LashGrip lash adhesive from Ardell
And that's the content of my bag and the bags within my bag, haha ^_^ Feel free to make a post about what's in your bag on your own blog, and please post the link in my comment field so that I can go check it out!

Cozy Saturday

Hihi, I baked really ugly gingerbread  yesterday, I had them in the oven a bit too long though :/

Yesterday me and Seb went down to the harbor and swam in the ocean for a while, it's really nice in the water! We met some friends right before and they thought we were crazy, but it was really very nice. My skin loved it as well, it hasn't been dry or itchy since, awesome! We'll probably go swimming everyday now, until we go back to Sweden. Then we'll see how warm it still is in January.

We had sushi for dinner, and after wards we totally pigged out on gingerbread dough, haha! We were suppose to bake it, but then we realized we didn't have any baking sheets, but I came up with the brilliant idea of using cupcake forms instead ^_^ I love it when your home smells like freshly baked goods, feels so homely. 

Later that night Seb went down to the bar, but since I'm currently not drinking, and since it's awfully cold outside, I stayed home by myself. I rented the first season of Sex & the City and ate chips and candy, hihi ^_^ The first season really differs from the latter seasons, but I love it! 

Who's your favourite of the girls in SATC? Mine's definitely Charlotte, I hate Carrie though. She really is an awful and self-centered person.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Friday 26/11 - Nicosia Trip

 So, yesterday we got up early and went over to our boss's house. I haven't gotten any sleep, I was just too excited to be going to an actual city! At first we had some breakfast, and after wards we had a workshop concerning stuff at work, it was quite fun, we got to paint!
At 11 we got into the very small and European car and started our 2 hour drive to Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus. Our first stop was IKEA, and I LOVE IKEA, haha! I love it when I'm in Sweden as well, but going there when you're abroad and extremely homesick was just awesome ^_^ Although I got a bit offended that all the signs and stuff were in Greek.
 I had the salmon for lunch, I always eat this when I'm at IKEA.
 We bought Daim dragées, toffee strings and licorice fish ^_^
 Wine glögg, Julmust (Seb's, they didn't have diet julmust, and I don't like regular soft drinks), custard and gingerbread though, we're making gingerbread tonight, but we forgot to buy cookie cutters ^_^''
 Two big bowls for baking, plastic cooking instruments, measure cups and two small bowls for eating.
 Cupcake forms and two cake forms. One of them will be great for cheesecake, and the other for apple pie. I have to bake apple pie now that we've bought custard ;)
 New Bathroom towls
Lovely scented candles, we bought two big ones with vanilla scent and small ones with gingerbread scent!

We had lunch in the cafeteria and then we bought some essentials, I'm happy to have some high quality kitchen wear, because what we've got in the stores around here are just complete crap! We bought some food as well, I'm so happy 'cause we found stuff that I truly miss from home, like licorice. We even found glögg and gingerbread dough ^_^ I actually had decided not to drink any alcohol until I got back to Sweden, but I'm going to make an exception for first advent.
After IKEA we went to The Mall of Cyprus right next to it and went shopping. Or, I dragged Seb shopping with me while the rest of the group went to the Turkish border. I was just so happy to be in a real mall, a mall that had stores that I actually wanted to shop in. They had my favourite store, Oysho! Their website isn't a very good representative, the actual store just holds a lot of character goods room wear. I really wish we had this store in Sweden, or at least that they had a web shop, but no :(
 We had a short coffee break at Starbucks, drank hot lattes for once! I had a Toffee Nut Latte and Seb had a Mocha Praline, I can really recommend the latter, SO good! ^_^
 Every store I went in, the ladies behind the desk were like "OMG are those you real eyes O___O" Haha, I love getting this reaction!
I bought these amazingly cute pajama pants featuring Hello Kitty dressed as a penguin!!! ^_____^ It's probably the cutest thing that will ever exist! I mean, it's Hello Kitty... AND penguins!! OH mi God! I bought a pair of matching panties as well, if I had more money with me I would've bought the whole frickin' store, I tell ya! Well, going to Nicosia is just a total of 18€, so we'll probably go back next year or something. I bought a pair of cozy slipper-uggs as well, pink and glittery with nordic print hihi ^_^
I bought a big knitted scarf from Zara as well, I think this will do until I get home, but I'm really looking forward to changing all my summer clothes to fall clothes, I'm dead tired of my current wardrobe!
There were a lot of Christmas decorations around the town center, so beautiful in the night, even though there's no snow :)
When we were done shopping we took a cab down to the town center to meet up with the others, they wanted us to come over the Turkish border so that we could find some place to eat. I did not appreciate this, I can tell you that. The Turkish side of Cyprus is just horrible, it's poor as shit and I was scared shitless that someone would stab me and steel my passport. I kind of got a panic attack :(
 Luckily they only had kebab places, so we went back to the Greek side and had dinner at a nice little restaurant that served authentic Greek/Cypriotic, we actually haven't eaten any Greek food at all since arriving here, but it was nice. I had grilled chicken with a side salad, delicious!

After dinner we took a cab back to the parking lot and we went home to Paphos again. Apart from the horrible experience in Turkey, I had a very nice day yesterday! And I'm so extremely happy about my new pants, so happy that I have problems wearing normal clothes, haha! ^_^
And I'll leav you with one last picture of my new pants ^_^ I get so happy every time I look at hem, SO many penguins, feels like having your legs dressed up in love.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Giveaway at UniversalDoll

Mitsu at UniversalDoll is holding a Giveaway, she's only reveled the first two items, and all ready I'm excited! After you've become a follower and entered the contest, you should really browse around her blog, 'cause it's awesome!

KitKat Caramel

I bought a KitKat Caramel today, they have many different kinds of KitKat here and I'm all like"Oh yeah, gyaru-candy!" ;) Not as many flavours as Japan though, they have like cherry blossom KitKat? Seems so weird to me, anyone who's tried it and can tell me what it tastes like? Green Tea chocolate is weird too. Sometimes I feel I want to go to Japan just to eat sweets, haha ^_^ I get so curious!

My spectacular day of exciting adventures

Today I had some bank errands to attend to, and because this country HATES convenience, I had to walk up to the bank.
On my way I stumbled upon jolly ol' Mr clause with all his reindeers. It looks so corny with Christmas decorations on a perfectly green lawn with palm trees in the background, don't you think? I'm still happy that they've put some up, but I'm not really getting that "Christmas feeling", if you know what I mean? I'm also disappointed that I haven't seen any over-decorated lawns, America-style, yet.

Anyways, when I got to the bank the lady told me that my PIN-number STILL haven't arrived! >.< I'm so fed up with Bank of Cyprus right now, I've been waiting for this shit since the beginning of October for crying out loud! I got my digipass though, and I could still withdraw some money using my passport, and thank God for that! We're going to Nicosia tomorrow, and I would just be devastated if I couldn't get any shopping done.
After my bank appointment, I decided to take a walk and find my way to Debenhams. I didn't really know exactly how you were suppose to go, but I found it, without going the wrong way once ^_^ It was fun to walk somewhere new, even though I kind of hate walking here since they sometimes don't even have proper sidewalks. 
My shopping-fingers started itching badly while there, but I only bought what I needed and got out. It's not even a store I would normally shop at, but I'm getting pretty desperate haha ^_^'' I browsed through their toy department and cursed the fact that I'm not a child today. Why didn't they have Hello Kitty toys when I were young?! So unfair :( Oh well, at least our cartoons was better.
And this is was I bought. My old eyelash curler had gone completely useless, what a convenience that Debenhams had on that all ready were blinged out ^_^ I love it when stores start selling things with deco on them, it's like their finally getting how things are SUPPOSE to be ;)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Morning - Happy Day!

I woke up late today, at 12! I've told Seb to try and wake me up before he leaves for work, but the bed was so warm and snuggly, I just got back to sleep when he'd left. Our apartment is just super-cold right now, even though it isn't very cold outside. I need to get some warm room wear. But right now I don't have anything warm and comfy, so to not freeze to death, I started my day with some work-out videos!

I was quite excited about it, I downloaded a bunch of them from YouTube the night before and was really looking forward to morning so that I could try them out. I'm gonna download some more tonight. I think it's great to have short routines, like 2 minute work-outs, that way you can change routine often and mix it up, that way you wont get bored, and your body wont get used to it.

This one with Kendra Wilkinson is one of the videos that I worked out to, and I loved it! Maybe it was because I did it last and all ready had warmed up, but I was sweating like crazy when I was done with it! It was really fun to kick and punch as well, I felt like a power woman! ^_^ I have to get a jumping rope :O


 I didn't have any breakfast today, instead I had my oat meal for lunch. I love oat meal! Today I ate it with cinnamon, sugar and raisins, but I usually just have honey on it.
 I bought a pack of soy caramel desserts today ^__^ I love everything that's soy or organic or whatever. Each serving is only 103 calories, so I think it's a great treat for a day when you haven't eaten too much (and what luck, today is such a day!).
 I like having dried pineapple at home, sometimes I get serious sugar cravings, but a small piece of dried pineapple usually solve them. I know they aren't very healthy at all, but it still feels better than having chocolate.
 I alternate my breakfasts between oat meal or cereal with skimmed milk and slices of a banana. This cereal is so lush, both chocolate and strawberry! ^_^
I found Oolong tea at the store today, I was curious about it as its known for its slimming effects. I drink a minimum of 2 cups of tea a day, I have a green tea that promises to slim you down as well.

I just thought I wanted to share something of what's in my kitchen, the things I like to eat that isn't really food. I don't know, this is just something that I myself find interesting, please share your favourite foods with me!

Body Shop Gets of Today

I got the Hemp Body Butter from the Body Shop today, hopefully it will help clear up my skin a bit. It doesn't smell good at all though, it reminds me of clay :( The texture is nice however, as it doesn't make your skin too greasy. They've launched the Christmas series now, I've always loved their Vanilla series, but a couple of years ago (or was it just last year?) they changed the formula to Spicy Vanilla, which I don't like at all. I get pissed off about it every year, lol :P I know that series was very popular, so I don't get their motive to change it >.<

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Strawberry/Lime Graffiti

I did new nails today, I had a light green base and then put the pink graffiti nail polish over it. I like it, IRL the graffiti effect isn't very obvious if you don't look up close, so it just looks very light and summer-y ^_^
If the littlest things bring you down, how happy are you really? We got our pay checks today, and since we weren't working in the beginning of October, I got 130€ less than I was expecting. It's just such bad timing, it'll be Christmas soon, and I have tons of boring stuff that I need to buy (it's cold, I need some warming clothes, my eye lash curler is broke, my skin is constantly dry and in need of moisture). I get sad because of the always so troubling fact that everything that is yummy also makes you fat, I don't want to be chubby, but I don't want to live a life without chocolate (or ice cream, or pastries, or puddings, or milkshakes, or Starbucks frappucinos) either. I guess bulimia was the solution to all my problems, wasn't it?

I'm a bit home sick too, or, VERY home sick. And sadly, the things I miss the most are the things you eat. I want glögg, julmust, saffron buns, macaroons in a variety of flavours, chocolate pralines, exotic snacks, licorice, plockgodis, Estrella rings, Swedish cinnamon buns. I'm such a fat girl on the inside.

Today's Coords

 This is what I wore today, nothing special. But I suited up! Or... at least I blazered up ;)
 I wore my hair up today, a bit messy and just curled all the strands of hair that was hanging down, very quick and simple.
I had some purple eye shadow on my liner, I think the colour looked very nice with my blue lenses.

Monday, November 22, 2010

New Layout

As you can see I have once again made changes to my layout, this time I downloaded free templates from this blog. I just googled and chose the first link that came up, but I quite like it, but I still need to find out a way to make changes. I have GOT to make a new header that's more suitable, and I will as soon as I can find the time. I hope you can bare with me, I don't know any HTML, but I hope my blog is readable even without a gorgeous and personal design.

And as always; if you have any tips you want to give me, don't hesitate!


 We had pancakes with jam and cream last night, so good! Or maybe you call them crêpes? Or Swedish pancakes? Or European? Well, you know, it's the really, really thin ones.
 I wanted jam for breakfast as well, so I had jam toast <3
After lunch I bought a coffee macaron at Starbucks, so big and delicious! I've been missing macarons SO much, although I prefer the smaller ones.

Haha, it looks like I'm eating nothing but sweets, don't worry, I had a delicious Halloumi salad for lunch, I just didn't bring my camera :)

Today's Coords

 Today I decided that the only way to live happily is to be pretty, and even though I will have to re-do looks, it's still better than looking like a hobo in jeans and my boyfriends huge t-shirts. 

It's cold now! It's still like 25°C, but it's really windy so I was actually freezing when wearing shorts today. I don't mean to rub it in your faces, 'cause I know that all of you are experiencing much colder weather than I am, but I don't have any appropriate clothes for cold weather >.<

I didn't do anything to my hair today, I had just washed it so I wanted to feel fresh and clean for a bit, before I spray it down and destroy it, haha ^___^