Thursday, March 31, 2011


So, I've gotten about zero hours of sleep this night. I don't know, I'm just SO FULL OF ENERGY! I'm not tired now either, but I was pretty pissed when it started to get light outside this morning and I was wide awake. The problem with being up all night is not so much the lack of energy, there's Red Bull and coffee to solve that problem. The problem is more my EXTREME ugliness! My pores look like acne scars. I'm telling you, when I walk by someone the cringe by the fear of getting sucked into the craters on my face. I went light with the make-up today because of that reason, I'm not one to cover up with foundation, it just makes the problem worse I think. If I have terrible no-sleep-skin AND dark eye-make up I just look like a 10 cent-whore.

I guess the reason to my sleep deprivation was the fact that I've been really excited about today! Today Seb's mom arrived, and we got to rent a car. It kind of makes the last days left feel like vacation, and at least it is for her so me and Seb won't be whining about how much we hate it here, ha ha ^_^ Tomorrow night is my last work day and after that it's all restaurants and fun in the sun, and then it's GOING HOME TAJMU!!! I'm very happy too, because she brought us candy and I got Swedish girly magazines, I've been missing them so much. I even got my favourite all-Swedish magazine, which is SOLO. And could you imagine, it even featured one of my favourite celebs on the cover - Miranda Kerr ^_^
This was my therapy this morning, I made these silly doodles and then I wasn't sad about not having slept anymore ^_^ The "Y U NO"-guy is my idol right now ^_^

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