Monday, May 30, 2011

International Readers

One thing that I really love about using Blogger as my blog platform, is that my stats will show from where in the world my blog is read. I think it's so super-cool to see that I have readers from all around the globe! When I went to check my stats today, I noticed that there had been a major increase in readers from the US, almost as many as readers from Sweden!
I really would like to know all of you better, not just my American readers of course, but all of you who follow this blog! Where do you live? How old are you? Why do you visit my blog? What did you have for breakfast this morning? I'm dying to find out!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Saturday

We woke up at like 10.30 today of Seb's phone ringing, it was a friend of his asking if we wanted to join him and his girlfriend to a clearance sale for brands such as Zoo York, Ecko and others. We got dressed super-quickly and jumped on the bus to Alvik.
This is what I managed to put together this morning, very pleased with it! I love the mirror they had at the clearance sale, I hate our mirror and the light in our living room, all pictures end up blurry ;___;

Blazer: Silence + Noise/Urban Outfitters
Shirt: H&M
Pants: Zara
Boots: Ti Amo/Scorett

It's been very windy recently, and while we waited for the train my hat blew off. Me and Seb were hugging and he kept on hugging me and I just panicked! What if I had lost my hat?! All my coords would've sucked :( It was wrong of me to beat him, though >.<
The clearance sale didn't have much to offer, obviously those brands don't have a lot of things that I like, and everything was to big for Seb. His friend got a t-shirt though, so it wasn't a complete waste, ha ha ^_^ We went in to town afterwards and I shopped like crazy! Okay, maybe not like crazy, but more than allowed when you're poor ;___; I still have things that I think I should've gotten, though. Like I found this super-cute vintage store that sold the most fabulous blouses! I liked it a lot because the selection was small, the clothes didn't smell bad and they seemed to exclusively sell things in a small size, I usually don't like vintage because it fails on all three of those points.
 I got those shorts that I wanted! This is how I had pictured them in my head, how to pair them. Problem is I don't know what else would look good, any suggestions? I though they might go well with the white blouse I got from Nasty Gal, but it looks a bit off to pair two things with ribbons. Oh well, I'll come up with something!
 I bought a pair of white, simple shoes at Monki. I like them because they look some-what like Keds, but the sole is more like espadrilles.
 I bought a shit load of rings! The two big ones are from Indiska, and I bought two smaller ones from Indiska as well, the feather is not new and it's from Åhléns, and then I just bought two batches of rings in gold and silver at H&M. I really want to wear a lot of rings like this, and I have to start somewhere, right? My only problem is that my fingers are really slim, and it's hard to find rings that'll fit on my ring finger and pinky :(
 This is just a close-up on the shoes I'm wearing in the picture with the shorts, white ballerina loafers from Topshop. I've been wanting these for so long! I'm really happy that I got two pair of shoes today, I really need more comfortable shoes that I'll actually wear. I have way too many party heels in my closet :/
 Just some necessities, bralets and tube-bras and ballerina socks. I have such a problem with bras, I tried buying real ones at Oysho when we were in Cyprus, but they just turned out to be too big, and I hate that they make my boobs seem bigger, makes me feel like such a fake! I don't even like big boobs. I'm sticking with bralets and bikini tops from now on!
And last but not least, I got a new hand creme from The Body Shop. In the past I've used their hemp hand protector, but I don't like the smell of it so I wanted to try something new. This smells really good! Hopefully it will make my hands soft as well, ha ha ^_^

I've had such a good time today! I love shopping :D

Friday Coord

On Friday I had an introduction at school. As I told you I'm starting a math course now, that will run during the next 5 weeks. I've chosen to do some of the work at home, via computer, but also to have the possibility to meet with a teacher in school to get some extra help. Any way, this is what I wore during that first day of school!

Beret: Vintage/Beyond Retro
Leather Jacket: Saints&Mortals/Carlings
Cardigan: Cubus
Tank: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Boots: Ti Amo/Scorett

My Thursday

I went to the hairdresser on Thursday, I really needed to get a nice polish for summer:
 A lot of dry ends that just had to go!
 This is what I wore to the hair dressers'

Hat: Complement/Åhléns
Cardigan: Cubus
Top: Urban Outfitters
Bracelets: H&M, House of Harlow
Jeans: H&M Kids
Sandals: Topshop
And this is how my hair looked like when I was done! I really like the fact that he didn't get rid of any length, just cleaned it up. I'm very pleased with this cut, but it's kind of boring that every time I visit the hair dresser I just do a polish, some time I want to go there and just cut it all of and get a bob or something!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Today was my first, official day as an unemployed woman, I did my last day at mum's job yesterday. Fortunately I'm beginning a math class on Monday, because being ALL free without anything specific to do would drive me insane! In a way it's good I won't have a job during the five weeks that I'll have math class, because I really am terrible at math so I think it'll need my full focus. I'll be hearing from the place that I've been interviewed at in the end of this week, if I get that job I think I'll have just "vacation" during July, otherwise I'll get right back to sending away my application!

My dad came over for lunch today. I'm doing "vegan week" right now so I had to make a vegan meal. I was a little worried about it at first, because if I'd been eating alone I wouldn't have made anything in particular, just oatmeal or whatever, but that's not something to serve a guest! So I had made some hummus yesterday, and then I just cooked hemp pasta, served that with avocado, baby carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes. My dad was able to enjoy my homemade pesto as well, but I can't since it has parmesan in it.

After lunch we went to Bromma Blocks and I got a bicycle helmet, so now I can finally bike safely! When we got home the weather was nicer so we enjoyed some coffee/tea on the balcony. After that my dad went home again and I watched on of my favourite movies: Breakfast at Tiffany's! Audrey Hepburn must've been the most beautiful woman who have every lived!

Bad skin ;____;

Help me! Does anybody have a quick-fix for skin problems? I have dry skin and it's gotten pretty blotchy, like spots of extremely dry skin. It looks horrible, I'm wearing foundation today but there's still no difference. I always wash my face carefully and I moisturize in the morning, before bed and after a shower. Do anyone know any good face mask or whatever? Like either something cheap or something I can make myself? Would appreciate it a lot!

Do Want!

Yesterday I showed off some recent gets, but you can't always get everything you want. So today I wanted to show off some of the things that I've been trying on lately and would like to get.
 I went to Cubus last week and tried on this rusty red maxi dress. I was kind of surprised of how well it fitted, since Cubus is such a low-price store my expectations are always low. Unfortunately this is way too long for me. That's one of the worst things about being short, because I really love maxi skirts and dresses >.<

 Yesterday I went to Topshop and I tried on the following clothes:
Super-cute cropped shirt, I really like the cut on the sleeves, collar and waist on this one, it's kind of... leafy? I probably wouldn't pair it with blue pants though, makes me look like the Swedish flag ha ha... or maybe it would be good for the upcoming Independence Day? ;)
 SO in love with this shirt! At first I just thought it was a pretty normal, asymmetric, transparent shirt with awesome cherry blossom tree-pattern, but than I tried it on and...
 CUT-OUTS!! So awesome! I would love to wear this with trashed denim.
 If I were graduating this year I would like something like this. I graduated last year, but this year I could easily see myself wearing something like this on any party this summer! Would be so cute for midsummer party ^_^
 These shorts I'm also so in love with, the colour is lovely, and the material is really soft and has a rich feel to it. I would pair these like this, with a white tank, and then with white ballerina flats, my gray blazer and... fuck, a pink Miu Miu-bag ;____;
This is the one item I wasn't too sure about, I mean it's cute and all, but I think it's too poofy, and I don't think it's worth the price (550 SEK). I'm guessing it would be a good piece to have in your closet, but if I'm not loving it I'm not getting it ^_^

Today's Gets

 I got a lovely pair of new sandals at Topshop. I had thrown away all my old sandals because they were in such bad condition, so I was in serious need of new ones!
 Finally the Japanese book store "Sun Ai" crossed my path and I was able to get the super-cute Hello Kitty-chopsticks! I haven't had any chopsticks at all at home, which sucks since I really prefer it over normal cutlery.
I also bought some need face-and body care at The Body Shop. I was in luck today because all of these products were 20% off!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Today's Coord

This is what I wore today. Nothing special really, but I'm so in love with my new blouse! It's a bit scary to walk around in something that can so easily be a crop top, but on the other hand I've seen girls with more love handles than me wear full-on crop tops (respect!), so surely I should be allowed to hint a bit of stomach?

Necklaces: Gift from mum
Blouse: Nasty Gal
Watch: Jet Set/Ur&Penn
Pants: Zara
Boots: Ti Amo/Scorett

Saturday Coord

 On Saturday me and mum went to my grandma for a belated birthday celebration, I got yummy princess cake and a present ^_^

Hat: Complement/Åhléns
Glasses: Nasty Gal
Necklace: Accessorize
Cardigan: Cubus
Boots: Ti Amo/Scorett
I'm so in love with my new sunglasses, perfection!

Barbecue Friday

 For our barbecue I followed a hair tutorial in Cosmo for a romantic, boho summer-look, it was really simple to do!
 Since I'm not a man a therefore don't have a glue on how to handle a grill, I was in charge of vegetables!
 Sneaky lady-trick; put on lipstick to be sure of which glass is yours.
 I wore the garden dress from my Nasty Gal-order, but I didn't feel like taking a proper coord-shot since I'd just shown of this dress.
 Manly, manly men in charge of burning carcasses.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Problem with Disqus

I just noticed that Disqus isn't connected to my blog, I think it disappeared when I changed the layout. Does anybody know how to re-connect it? Because when I went on my Disqus page it said that the blog is still connected. Because of this I haven't noticed comments that had been posted, but now all of them are answered!

Nasta Gal Gets!

Today my order from Nasty Gal finally arrived! I say finally because I've been so excited for this order to arrive, but actually the shipping was pretty quick. I chose the cheapest which is suppose to take 2-3 weeks, and I order about two weeks ago so that's good! This order was quite expensive, though. At first one of the dresses I wanted was sold out (still kind of sad about it, it was so cute and special!), so I got refunded for that, but today when it arrived I had to pay the custom fee as well >.< So it all ended up to be just as expensive as buying clothes in Sweden, but the reason I shop from Nasty Gal is because of their amazing clothes, not because dollars are so cheap compared to SEK!
 Lovely black blouse with polka dots. This one is quite short, and the sleeves are really big. I like the fact that it's short, because it brings some sexiness to a big, oversize blouse.
 See-trough white, polka dot blouse with ribbon collar. This is so pretty! But I'm not sure how to match it, because I didn't like the white top underneath. A black, lace bra would probably look cool, but it'd be unsuitable for business-purposes, and I kind of bought the blouses to have pretty things to match with chinos and such.
 FLOVE these glasses! I've seen MK Olsen and Nicole Richie in similar ones (but from Chanel ;___;), so of course I had to have them! Especially since they were only 40$! My boyfriend didn't understand it, but he's a boy and boys have no fashion sense.
Floral "Garden Dress" with a black base. I think this one is so perfect for barbecues, maybe because it's called "Garden Dress"? ;) Well, I'm having a barbecue tonight so I thought it would be perfect, what luck that it arrived today!

Cruise + Cruise Coord

On Wednesday I went to a cruise with my fellow, fabulous Swedish gals! Some lovely Norwegians joined in as well. I had so much fun during the party night, but I got a little too drunk and was sent to bed early, or at least earlier than the others. I'm kind of glad I was, because embarrassing myself in front of people I more or less know is kind of humiliating,but embarrassing myself in front of complete strangers is a horror! Thursday was less fun, I had such a headache and missed my baby like crazy.
 And this is what I wore. I think there's a particular style that is going to be "Mika S/S -11 style"; slouchy hat, ankle socks, shorts... I wouldn't mind this being my style every S/S, but that can change quickly, of course.

Slouchy hat: Complement/Åhléns
Blouse: Zara
Cut-offs: H&M
Ankle Socks: H&M
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell/
I also wore falsies from MAC and Dolly Wink and had my hair in loose curls made with straightener, I think curling with a flat iron makes them more natural-looking. I rarely wear falsies anymore, mostly because I feel uncomfortable having extreme make-up at work, but it's fun to wear to parties and stuff!
Some pictures I took at the picnic before the cruise. I did take some photos at the party as well, but they were bad pictures, and besides, I feel like "what happens on the boat stays on the boat", wouldn't you agree?

(If you're in a picture on my blog and don't want to be, just message me and I will immediately remove the picture!)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Today's Coord

 I really like wearing more "business casual" clothes, my plan is to fake it 'til I make it (dress for the salary you want, not the salary you have, ha ha ^_^). Soon I won't have any salary at all, so then it'll be pretty easy to dress "richer" than I am. I quitted my usual job last Thursday, but right now I'm helping my mum out at her office, but that'll probably just last a few days more. Some good news is that I got another call back from the place I got interviewed at last Friday, so I'm going over there on Friday again for a second interview! So excited about it ^_^

I'm wearing a dress as a top today, it's a little too short for my liking, but I really like it as a top! I like the poofyness over the shoulders, it gives a really nice silhouette and evens out my hips.

Dress/top: Only/
Blazer: Silence + Noise/Urban Outfitters
Chinos: Mango
Ankle boots: Ti Amo/Scorett
Watch: Jet Set/Ur&Penn
Today's Podcast: Schulman Radio 1

That blazer turned out to be such a good buy! I've really gotten my money's worth out of it!
I've been pretty much sans make-up lately, I've gotten allergies from the pollen, so I've tried not to irritate my eyes more buy putting make-up on them, but I bought some eye drops today so I can start wearing make-up again. I don't mind how I look without make-up, but I think it's sloppy and rude to leave the house without make-up. Also NOT okay the way I let my hair be today, I overslept this morning.