Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Saturday Coord

Oh, shame on me for not updating, I'm high on my love for tumblr! Anyways, me and Seb went over for dinner at a friend of his house, and this is what I wore.
 Boring co-ord, even though I really like the dress. I should wear more jewelry, that's one of the things I'm really not good at :/

Denim jacket: Levi's
Dress: Free People/Urban Outfitters
 I really like my hair now, it has gotten quite long and also it's a nice and natural blond-ish shade :)
 I love love love my Dolly Wink-lashes, I just need to cut down the Diamond Lash ones a bit, I'm not comfortable wearing something so dramatic :/ Here I'm wearing Mac #41, they're pretty much the same length as my own, but the overall look is nicer with falsies.
 Tried doing the "one-eye-closed"-pose, it's harder than it looks!
Lately I've been just having french manicure on my nails, I think I'm getting too old for parts and stuff, from now on I'll only use sticker or small rhinestones #oldmaid

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