Thursday, June 23, 2011

Coord + Gets

Ha! I'm hopeless. I actually am starting to worry about my shopoholism, and every time I start to worry I tell myself "Well, just don't shop so much!", but I can't! If I were to force myself not to shop for, let's say, a month, I know I'd just get so sad of all the stuff I'd miss because it would be out of stock when I was allowed to shop again. And besides, if I did forbid myself to shop for a month, I would just shop twice as much when I finally was allowed to. And right now I'm like "Well, just buy the back pack, that shirt on sale and the white chinos and THEN you're not allowed to shop for a month", but if I did that there just would be something else I desperately needed. Anyone who can relate to my pathetic, western problems?

Any way, these are the things I got:
 Well, the hair colour is necessary of course, I can't walk around with roots in my hair! The nude, silky thing is an under-dress and it's great that I bought it because it means I can wear two of the see-through dresses I have in my wardrobe. I do have nail polish at home, so it wasn't particularly necessary for me to buy it, but I can't wear nail polish to work and this yellow shade will really cheer me up the few days during this weekend that I'll be able to, plus the yellow will look great on Midsummer Eve! The ring I can say was completely unnecessary, but I really like the turquoise ones and I haven't been able to find a nice one until now, besides, it was super-cheap!
I also bought this crop-top on sale, unnecessary I guess, but it was super-cheap, and if this bad weather is going to continue I'm going to need more knits. JUSTIFIED!

Btw, this sweater is hanging on my last hanger, so next time I buy clothes I'm a need to buy new hangers as well. I need to anyhow, I hate plastic ones!
This is what I wore today - leather jacket, scarf and boots >.< WTF?! This is not attire that is to be worn in JUNE :@ I NEED it to be hot during summer, I'm fucking miserable when temperature drops, I'm always freezing. Can't I at least be warm and sweaty for two months a year? If it doesn't get warmer I'll have to start work out.

Leather Jacket: Saints&Mortals/Carlings
Scarf: H&M
Top: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Boots: Ti Amo/Scorett
In my headphones: Hollywood Babble-on

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