Saturday, June 4, 2011

Friday Shopping

 I thought I had school early on Friday morning (8.30), but when I arrived at school I found out it was closed because of "Jesus going to heaven-holiday". Since I was meeting a friend to go shopping later in the day, I decided to take a walk to Kungsträdgården and spend the time reading while waiting for her. Walking for an hour in ballerina flats wasn't my wisest decision, my feet were killing me and of course going shopping afterwards didn't make it better.
 I tried on some clothes at Urban Outfitters while waiting, I like their dressing rooms, but they're a nightmare to photograph in! Any way, I really liked this dress, pretty, and this cut is super-flattering! It gives me a nice, slim waist, covers my big hips and shows off a bit of collarbone, lovely.
 Tried on a coral cardigan as well, I really liked this colour, it's so bold! The fabric was really nice, soft and thin.
 My look for that day. After we met up in town we went to the Kista mall to shop. I didn't have any money what so ever, but it was still nice to browse and help out with some style advice!
I tried on some clothes at Monki, I really liked this combo, and I really would like to get the harem pants. My boyfriend hates them, and usually he likes everything I wear, I need something that he doesn't like. No man's gonna tell me how to dress!