Friday, June 17, 2011

Recipes for Vegan food I enjoy

I've had these pictures in my "upcoming blog posts"-folder for too long and it's time to blog them!
First out: Vegan pancakes!
 When it comes to pancakes there's one thing that messes it all up: eggs. I've seen an egg replacement in the stores, I've also read that you can use soy flour instead. I have yet to found soy flour nor have I bought the egg replacement, I use soy yogurt instead!

This is my recipe:
1dl of soy milk light
3 tbsp of vanilla soy yogurt
0,5 dl of flour (use whole wheat for more fiber and better carbs!)
1 tsp of baking soda
a pinch of salt
cinnamon (unlimited amounts, you can never use too much!)
rapeseed oil for cooking

And all you do is mix it all in a bowl, if you can it's good to make it sit for a while to let the baking soda do its work. Remember that if you use something warm in the batter, like heated oil or margarine, you have to add the baking soda last as it reacts to heat.

Then you just fry it in some margarine or oil, and remember to not be afraid of the fry-fat, if you use too little it might burn!

This recipe I think is about 280 calories, 2 tbsp of maple syrup is about 80-100 calories.
 Just some veggies I grilled when me and Seb were having a lonely barbecue. This isn't a recipe, I just wanted you to be aware of that it's possible to eat a delicious, vegan food even at barbecues! BBQ-sauce doesn't contain any egg or milk, it's full of sugar and is unhealthy, but it's vegan.

The veggies I grilled:

Red Onion
Red Pepper
This is my vegan-friendly bolognese, it's real easy to make and it tastes just like real bolognese!

This is what you'll need:
Minced soy (I used a 200g bag, that gave about 5 servings)
1 can of chopped tomatoes
Fresh ground pepper

Finding a vegan meat-replacement can be tricky, Quorn is not acceptable as it contains stuff like egg whites. The one I bought is called "minced soy" and is contained in a plastic bag, it kind of looks like granola, when you see it you could not expect you'd be able to use it in savoury food. What you'll do is you boil if for about 3 minutes, and then you'll just add it to your bolognese/pasta sauce. I'm sure y'all know how to fry veggies, what's important is to know which ones to do first, and onion should always be first! Personally I like to spice it with a lot of salt (bad, I know!), cayenne pepper, fresh ground pepper and chili, but you use what ever spices you like! The chopped tomatoes are to be added last and should just be heated.

Enjoy! :)


  1. ooh yummie foods!! love the BBQ vegetables. i want to eat mushrooms all the time but my boyfriend literally HATES them. and i'm kinda too lazy to make two dishes when we're together (since we don't live together).
    and btw! i made pancakes without eggs once and they were delicioooouus anyway!

  2. I always get so chocked when people don't like delicious things like mushrooms, they're the best! I understand that, I probably wouldn't have such a complicated diet if we only ate together once in a while :)
    Awesome! :D