Friday, June 3, 2011

Sunday Coord

I said on Twitter that I'm gonna blog tonight. Well, prepare for a shitstorm of coord-posts! Whether you'll like it or not, I'm not gonna post all of them at once if that's what you're thinking, it would mess up my topic-cloud...
On Sunday I first went on a Mother's Day dinner with my family (bf not included). I wanted to stay on track with my new, vegan diet, but they basically didn't have anything suitable, so I chose to vegetarian plate, which had halloumi cheese and tsatziki. I felt a bit bad about it, but not too much, I think it's okay to eat a little dairy if there's not anything vegan available. As long as I'll eat all-vegan at home it'll be okay!

After the dinner I went to meet up with Sebastian, his friend Fredrik and his girlfriend. Fredrik's friend were having a birthday party at Cafe Opera, so we all went there to drink and have a good time!

Blouse: Nasty Gal
Blazer: Silence + Noise/Urban Outfitters
Bag: Topshop
Jeans: H&M Kids
Flats: Topshop

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