Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dress-hunting and vegetarian buffet

My mission yesterday was to get a dress for the Midsummer celebration on Friday. I had all ready tried the one I wanted on and was excited to get it. Sometimes you just find pieces that are so amazing that you dream about getting them, this dress was one of those pieces:
SO lovely! When I got to Urban Outfitters, I could only find two of them left and they were both a size large, I desperately asked the staff for help but there was no use, all other sizes were sold out :( The same goes for their website, which makes me think that maybe the headquarters have called up all the branches of the world and asked them to throw away any other size because "we say so" >.<

I browsed threw some other stores but eventually ended up at Topshop (of course).
 Loved this dress! I think it would work so well during any season really, you could wear it with tights in the f/w, it would of course work for spring. Might be too warm for summer days but perfect for summer nights! I didn't think it was too suitable for Midsummer, though, which is why I decided not to get it. I might go back later for it, though.
 I thought this was the kind of dress that only would look good on curvier ladies, but I decided to try it anyway. Turns out this kind of dress looks good on everybody! Makes skinny girls look more curvy and feminine, and big girls look less fat. Magical! The fabric was amazingly soft, too. I probably won't get it because I don't know when I would use it, but if I went to parties more often I would definitely get it!
 Didn't like this dress too much, I think the white is too white, and the cut makes my chest look unnecessarily broad. 
 And finally, THIS was the dress I went with! It's a beautiful linen dress with an amazing cut-out detail around the waist. I was a little unsure about the cut-out design at first, I couldn't make up my mind whether it was fun or tacky, but eventually I decided on fun! Do you think I'll be able to rock Midsummer in this number? ^_^

 As soon as I had hunted down my pray I took the bus to Södermalm to meet up with my dad. Södermalm is the name of the southern part of Stockholm inner city, it's where my family lives and where I grew up. I really miss living there, even though I love the place I live now as well. Södermalm just have so many great restaurants, they have these nice little boutiques that you won't find anywhere else, and they got a lot of nice groceries stores that are focused on environmentally sustainability and vegan/vegetarianism.
We went to have lunch at the vegetarian restaurant called "Herman's", great place! I was in luck because Wednesday's are Vegan Day. The restaurant was really beautifully located with an amazing view over the city, right above the water.
 They had vegan desserts as well, I usually don't eat desserts ever in restaurants, but when they had a vegan spread I couldn't resist! I had this delicious nut and toffee pie with custard, my dad chose the raspberry pie. I was sooo stuffed after this! I feel like I'm still stuffed, ha ha ^_^

After lunch we went to Good Store, I wanted to buy some vegetarian pickled "herring" (the fish being substituted by aubergine), but when we got there they had sold out and would get more tomorrow, so my dad told me he'd get it for me and bring it over on Friday *happy*. No Midsummer (or any other Swedish holiday for that matter) without pickled herring!
 At least I got some organic shampoo, I thought it was about time I tried something else than Body Shop's ^_^'''
Got magazines on the way home, I'm using Seb's credit card right now so at first I thought I couldn't get the latest issue of SOLO, but then I noticed the latest issue of Rocky was out as well, JUSTIFIED!

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