Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My day with W♥C Gets!

I started off this day with some studying out in the sun on our balcony. I study math right now, and it's really hard, it kind of goes in waves, sometimes I think it's fun and sometimes I hate it. Anyways, it got a bit easier when you could get a tan at the same time!
Won't have to cook for a while.

After a few hours of studying I went out to buy food, and when I came home I made a vegan, bolognese-like pasta sauce. I'll make sure to post some recipes, even if you don't plan on changing lifestyle, eating a lot of natural food and plants is good for everybody!
While I was out shopping the mailman had given out our mail, and I had gotten an exciting note for a package to pick up!
 I was pretty sure what it was, and when I saw the parcel I was even more sure!
 Anybody who can guess yet?
 Nope, the Kumatan bag wasn't the actual gift, but it's still nice to get a little something extra, I feel that this is typical Japanese.
 It was the W♥C I ♥ Japan-shirt! I ordered this such a long time ago, I was still in Cyprus at the time, it must've been in March or something. Waiting isn't much fun, but I'm glad it finally arrived (even though people don't really seem to care about the earthquake anymore), and I guess you have to think of the fact that the Japanese postal service maybe haven't been working properly with the earthquake and whatnot.
Right after I had clicked "confirm order", I regretted it, because I had chosen a size small, but now I'm glad I did! I've always heard that they have such tiny sizes in Japan, but this one fits me perfectly :) I'm always so silly when it comes to stuff like that, I never want to wear bigger than a size small (or x-small, really), because it makes me feel fat. This time my vanity worked in my favour!


  1. Wow såg att du är lika lång (kort?) som mig, och du verkar ha koll på kläder. Så jag har en fråga till dig om du har lust att svara ; Maxiklänningar/långklänningar. Finns det några som inte går en halvmeter nedanför fötterna? haha

  2. Yay, kortisar ftw! ^_^
    Det där är alltid ett sådant problem, tyvärr :/ Jag har en maxiklänning (från topshop) och två maxikjolar (en från urban outfitters och en från topshop) som passar, annars brukar allt släpa sig som en brudklänning tre meter bakom mig ;___; Kanske kan vara en idé att kolla på liknande butiker som har lite högre prisklass än de vanliga kedjorna, annars får man be någon sykunnig mamma att sy upp, problemet är ju bara att kläderna oftast får ett annat fall när man syr upp dem >.<

  3. åååååh du köpte den! jag tänkte med typ glömde helt?? sämst. jaja! vilket söt påse du fick också, åhåh :D

  4. Ja, så fort jag fick tips om en sida som skickade till Sverige så ^_^ Dock känns det lite fail att ha den nu, hade ju velat ha den när folk i allmänhet fortfarande brydde sig, ha ha :p Ja! ^__^