Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday 12th of June

On Sunday (yesterday) it was my dad's birthday, he's so super-old now, 51! Believe me, I'm doing a good job teasing him about it! I had decided I wanted to make cheesecake to him, so I invited myself over to my parents' on Sunday for coffee and cake.
 Since I no longer eat egg or dairy, they had prepared strawberries and soy cream for me instead, om nom ^_^
As always I got a lot of compliments for my cheesecake, it's super-yummy! It's such a pity, because I really love baking but I never get the chance to because I don't want to eat stuff like that too often, and Seb would live up to his nickname (Sumo-Seba) if I baked cupcakes just for him!
 After cake and coffee I was sent out to buy some vegetables and cook dinner for us. The store sold these coconut juices and they made me think of coconut water so I wanted to try it, NOT THE SAME! This was really gross, super-sweet, yuck!
 Snooping through dad's CD-collection while cooking ♥
 Wore my white maxi that day.
 And some pretty bangles, turning my body into an instrument ^_^
The food I made: veggie burgers made of carrots, sweet potato and potato, red wine gravy and a salad of tomato, cucumber, three different kinds of pepper and red onion, delicious! I was inspired to make this from a cooking show I had watched on Saturday, it was exciting because I didn't have a proper recipe, just cooked out of memory from what I've watched :) I've gotten so much more joy out of cooking since turning vegan, because now I'm more motivated to cook proper meals for myself since it's so important to get all the proper nutrition's!

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