Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Birthday Celebration

Last Sunday (on the 3rd) was Sebastian's birthday, but since we were in Cyprus then we didn't properly celebrate, as there aren't any good gifts to buy down there. We had plans to celebrate on Saturday after we got home, but the gift I had ordered hadn't arrived on Friday, it arrived yesterday so I got up way early to celebrate today. Although, I didn't tell him that it had arrived, so that was a surprise as well!
 Actually, I woke up at 3.30 because I was too excited to sleep, that seems to usually be the source to my sleeping problems, ha ha. I guess it's a good thing I find my life so exciting I don't want to sleep and miss it! 

I baked mocha cupcakes, the muffin turned out so pretty, all of them! Perfectly round ^_^
 I added a raspberry frosting to the mocha cups, trying to assimilate his favourite Starbucks drink, Dark berry mocha frappucino. I'm a little disappointed in the way the frosting turned out, it's too runny, I should've used more cream cheese!
♥ Birthday breakfast tray ♥
 One huge package, and one tiny, what could possibly be in them?
 Say whaaaaaat?!
I'm happy now because I'll have a pleased boyfriend all week ^_^

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