Monday, April 25, 2011

My Easter Weekend

I've all ready told you about the awesome gifts I got from my boyfriend, but I also got a nice gift from my parents:
Two similar necklaces in gold with diamonds, one with a ribbon and one with a heart, so pretty! 

I had such a nice time meeting my parents, little brother and grandma on Saturday, I ate delicious food and just had a great time with people I've really missed! I was also proud of myself for realizing that I was full after dinner and turn down dessert, it's so easy to just eat because it's a holiday and you feel you deserve a treat, but it's much nicer to just be moderately full instead. After dinner we went to visit our friends and see their new apartment.

On Sunday I celebrated my hangover ;___; Or, I wasn't really that hungover, but I'm sick so that makes everything worse. I just sat at home and did nothing all day and then worked for two hours and then we went to our friends house for the first barbecue 2011! I ate grilled chicken which was delicious thanks to my awesome marinade and the fact that Seb knows how to handle the grill. After dinner we played a game called "Rappakalja"(Gibberish) and I won! Way proud of myself, I usually never win :D

To sum it up I've had a really awesome time this weekend. What did you do? :)

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