Friday, April 8, 2011

Night in Larnaca

After some afternoon chilling we went out for dinner at Friday's, and I had meat for the second day in a row, oops! It was good though, I really like their Jack Daniels glaze!
 I was "nicely" dressed in my Reebok walking-sneakers (but they're more like squeakers :(), ripped denim cut-offs, Star Wars-tee and studded sweater.
 I even drank beer that night, wtf is happening to me?!

After dinner we were suppose to go home, but then Seb found his house of worship: the arcade!
 They had some kind of old school purikura-machine, it was out of order, though.
 I practiced a little for my upcoming career as a booth babe.
My favourite game to the right, old school bubble shooter! I kicked ass at this version as well. I wonder if the makers of the game would've thought that this game would be able for your pocket-phone, only with a lot more better aiming?

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