Monday, April 18, 2011

Not a sports fan

I'm so happy that my boy is into video games and not sports. Video games I can relate too, I loved them as a kid and I still play myself sometimes. Girly magazines keeps telling me that I should watch a game with him every now and then, and it such a relief that he never wants to watch one. Because I wouldn't. Is that mean? I guess it is, since I force him to talk to me about shoes and calorie intake all day long.

Sports have always been my nemesis. I guess it's because when you were a kid and you had P.E, unless you liked ball sports, you were bound to fail the class. And that's really SO stupid! There's more to sports and exercise than throwing a stupid ball around, they're fucking scary too. I don't know about you, but when someone throws something at my face, I run and hide, I'm not gonna try to catch it. It sucks too, because always failing P.E made me think I was super-lazy and un-athletic, when really I'm just not a team player.

Sorry for my weird and random ranting, it's just something Cosmo made me think about. Ahh, Cosmo, never stop being my source of wisdom!

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