Sunday, April 10, 2011

Recent gets

 First and foremost, the awesome birthday present I got from Seb, my Jeffrey Campbells! I ordered them from and they arrived in this sweet box, yay crosswords!
And here they are! Pretty awesome, aren't they? I'm so in love with them, the texture of the leather is great and they smell so good! I almost don't want to use them they smell so good, ha ha.
 A better look on the dress I got from Nastygal, so precious. I'm gonna wear the shit out of this one this summer!
 I bought new ankle socks, knee socks and tights at H&M today. I know I've said I shouldn't shop there anymore but I got a gift card in the mail and I had to use it, right? Besides, I think hosiery is OK.
Okay, I may have also bought a new pair of sunglasses at H&M as well. Again, gift card.
 We've also been buying a little for the apartment, like a new, awesome shower curtain with a shitload of penguins on it! It makes me so happy to shower knowing I'm surrounded by friendly penguins ^_^
I've also bought new tin cans to store tea in, I love the Audrey Hepburn one! It's from a store that sells tea called "Bönor och Blad" (Beans & Leaves), I really love that store, they have like a million different tea flavours, the most gorgeous tea cans AND the sell macaroons and chocolate pralines! The flower patterned one is from Åhléns, I really like the pattern, it reminds me of Liz Lisa, they have a lot of things with that pattern actually.

Right now I just really feel like buying tons of stuff for the apartment! But It's hard to fit in both a passion for fashion as well as a passion for interior design in my budget. I really want to make our balcony look nice this Summer, I saw the cutest table and chairs I want to buy. We've been cleaning out a lot and giving stuff away, I finally have managed to convince Sebastian how nice it is to throw stuff away, ha ha. 
All and all I'm just really happy to finally be back home, to live my life again, to have all my clothes back. I have a new found, deep, passionate love for Stockholm and the part of it that I live in, I don't ever want to move again!

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