Friday, April 8, 2011

Sunday Co-ord(s)

Sunday was Sebastian's birthday, so we went out for brunch, to Goosefat and garlic, once again, ha ha ^_^
 I used a blouse over a onsie in matching whites. I like the balance, like showing a lot of leg and no cleavage.

Blouse: Zara
Onsie: Zara (ha, I'm gonna stop shop so much at H&M and then all my clothes will be Zara instead ;___;)
Bag: Zara (see?)
I need to surgically add more lashes to the outer corner of my eyes, I look retarded :( Of course I could use falsies instead, but I'm all like "Be naturally beautiful or GTFO!" (and then I will still not show that natural beauty off because not wearing make-up in public is very rude.)
 After our restaurant visit we had to go shopping a little, I was cold so I quickly changed into ballerina flats and my boyfriend's jeans, I quite liked it really. It looks nice with the feminine blouse and baggy jeans.

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