Saturday, April 9, 2011

Gets ^________________^

 After having been traveling for 48 hours, we arrived at Arlanda, just to find out that there had been a blackout in Stockholm central and no trains were working. It really felt like they didn't want us here, ha ha. My mum said she could go pick us up instead, but that's like and hour drive and we knew there would be a lot of traffic as well, so we sat down to have coffee. Only, I don't drink coffee so I had macaroons and Ramlösa instead, two things that I've been missing a lot when I've been away.
 When I get home to my parents there was a package waiting for me, from Melba. The first is a leather and lace-skirt, and the second is a black and white-sailor suit (sorry for the crappy pic, I really tried taking a good one but it was impossible!). I'm a little unsure about these, but I think they'll look better once I'm not eating-out-every-single-day-fat anymore ^_^'
 When I got home to the apartment a package from Nasty Gal had arrived as well, it was so tiny it could fit through the mail drop. Seb ordered this dress for me as a belated birthday gift some time ago, I have to say it arrived pretty quickly! Really cute dress, I'll make sure to show it off properly as soon as possible!
 The Melba-package also contained some ribbons for nail deco, but I'll have to wait to use them until my nails have grown out, I really hate deco on short nails.
 Now I can have my own Starbucks at home ^_^ I love their Green Tea, and those cups are really nice I think. I wish I could've brought some of their delicious sweets as well.
Love this! I was a little unsure about the perfume at first, so I decided to only buy the body lotion to see if it grew on me, it did. And quickly at that! The scent reminds me of rich, expensive honey, and it's a little more mature than the scent I usually use (Miss Dior Chérie).
I also bought new MAC no. 7s and a pink "plushglass" from MAC, I'm not sure if it actually makes my lips any plumper, but it's still a nice lip gloss. I found the prettiest nude lipstick as well, sadly the shade I wanted was sold out ;__;

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