Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Day

Today I had an errand, which as to pick up a package that I had received. Also, I finally got my salary! I got it last week on my Cyprus account, and immediately transferred it to my Swedish account, and it was suppose to arrive on Monday but it didn't come in until today. I've been worrying about it, this is like THE ONE pay check I really need.
 When I went down to the store, I saw that the cherry tree had started to blossom! It really made me happy, cherry blossom season is my favourite of the year! Last year it started right in the beginning of May, which meant that me and Seb could celebrate our anniversary (May 6th) under the beautiful cherry trees in central Stockholm ♡
 I picked up some magazines at the store as well, my favourite SOLO, and I also had to get Chic since it has an interview with my favourite fashionista; Rachel Zoe!
 And this is what's was in my package, an energy drink called Celsius which is really low in calories (10 per can, it's still more than diet Red Bull, though), but it's not as bad as Red Bull because it has like a natural sweetener and no artificial flavourings.
I also got Shirataki noodles, you're supposed to eat them instead of pasta or noodles, it's great if you're on a no-carb diet, or just want to lower your calorie intake.

They weren't for me, though, the texture really grossed me out. I eat carbs, just in moderation. I don't eat pasta on a regular basis but if I want it I'll treat myself with it once in a while. These are crazy expensive, too.
 I went to Scorett in Bromma Blocks and got these sweet ankle boots. I really needed shoes like these, something simple and comfortable for everyday use that let's you look a little dressed up. The colour is great for this season I think, but I would like to get similar ones in black for winter.
I also got a jump rope, I want to start running but it's great to have cardio that you can to at home for those days when it's raining or you want to stay inside for other reasons. I can't jump rope to save my life, but I really want to learn!

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