Friday, April 22, 2011

Out and about in Stockholm city

Today me and Seb went into town to shop, or well, browse the stores more than anything. Actually I was the only one really interested, but he was a good boyfriend and tagged along to keep me company. I really feel like my wardrobe needs a make-over, when we moved back in I gave away a lot of clothes, and I also have a big bag of clothes that I'm gonna sell (soon... I'm just really lazy ^_^''). I want things that are easier to co-ordinate, and also a little more mature.
 I bought a pair of black chinos at Mango which I quite like, I definitely need more clothing like this. I know that maybe someone with my leg-length shouldn't fold the cuffs like that, but I like it and I just have to live with my short legs, it's not like I can change it! Also, the leg is quite wide, which I don't like, and frankly their too long ha ha. Maybe this wasn't the best buy? ^_^

Anyways, I really love Mango! I have never shopped there before because I thought it was a really snobby and expensive, I don't like walking in to those kinds of places because I feel the staff is looking at me like I'm going to shoplift. But it really wasn't that expensive at all, everything just looks really lush! The staff was super-friendly, and you got one of those nice paper bags with string handles. She even wrapped my pants in some kind of paper, and I got a envelop for my recite! O__O  And also, 20 days of purchase on approval, even though it was a sale item. Everything just keeps piling up into complete awesomeness, ha ha! Stuff like that is what makes me want to return, like if you get a nice bag and stuff, it does a lot for the overall experience.
Sebastian bought a Voluspa candle for our apartment with Champagne scent, so lovely! I really want to be the kind of person who buys expensive candles, I have this idea that that is what makes you rich for real (although I'm not, but I can cut down on food in order to having my apartment smell real nice).

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