Monday, April 25, 2011

My Easter

Hope you all have had a lovely time this weekend, with lots of egg-hunting and candy! At first I thought the egg-hunting was on Thursday, but then I found out it was on Saturday, so Saturday morning we went hide and seek in our apartment. It's really fun, I think it's important to keep the child in you, because you're never to old to play!

I loved the "egg" I received, it even beat last Easter! (last Easter I got a chocolate egg with chocolate pralines from Anton Berg, and also a Hello Kitty lipgloss ^_^).
 I had asked to get tea instead of candy, because I'm trying to be more healthy and not eat as much sweets. So I got this lovely tin can filled with the most amazing tea! It's like an Oriental mix with cinnamon, cardamom and citrus fruit, amazing mix. It's so good I don't even have to put milk and honey in it (which is important when you drink as much tea as I do ^_^).
But, since Sebastian knows about my sweet tooth, he got me a couple of macaroons anyway! Two of them are new (seasonal, I think) flavours which I hadn't tasted yet; Tahiti Vanilla and Lemon, delicious! If I were richer I'd have macaroons for breakfast everyday, makes me feel so pretty and French :D

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