Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The shit cherry on top of the diarrhea sundae that is my life

Woke up at 5 AM, all packed up and ready to go, everything went smoothly and we arrived to the airport in good time. When we got there we noticed that there wasn't any planes going to Amsterdam today, we asked around just to find out that our plane had been canceled, for about 5 months or so. Apparently the shitheads of KLM Airlines didn't find it necessary to inform us about it.

Realizing there was nothing that necessarily had to be done at the airport we went into Larnaca City to eat breakfast and try to fix a ticket home as soon as possible. When our plane was originally planned to take off, KLM called Sebastian and told him that our flight had been canceled. We have the option to buy new tickets with Austrian Airlines for 522€ and leave Cyprus this afternoon, but we will only be refunded for half of our super-cheap KLM-tickets, or we can wait 'til tomorrow and go home with KLM at 9.25 AM.

Sooo... that's our situation right now, me and Seb parked our asses at a Costa Coffee to use their free Wi-Fi, right now we're just waiting to see whether we'll get home tonight or tomorrow night, it's up to our bosses to decide. I just knew something like this would happen, I've been looking too much forward to getting home, of course I wouldn't get there easily. I guess this is better than having my plane crashing, though.

It's like... I don't even have any energy left to be angry, I'm just so fucking tired. I want to get home and to this fucking nightmare to end. I'm never leaving Sweden again, I'm gonna be like Charlie.
"Trees?! Everywhere trees?!"

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