Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My day

I used to be really bored and have nothing to do all day, and now it's even worse! I recently was laid of at work, so now I can only work 10 hours a week until the 13th of May, and then I'll be unemployed. Not for too long, of course, I'm currently making a new resume and stuff and applying for every job possible! I can't say I'm too sad about it, because I needed a push to get a new job, but it's a little scary. I don't like the insecurity, I want to know that there'll be a paycheck waiting for me at the end of the month. The thing I'm most scared of is that I'm not even standing a chance to get an interview because I was born in the '90s. I've heard people talk a lot of shit about people of my generation, so I'm just hoping that I'll be judged by resume and personal letter, and not my age.

Well, enough of that boring stuff now! I've actually done a little bit of shopping today, even though I'm really not suppose to... but it wasn't too bad, ha ha.
 I bought a new Brazil nut body butter from Body Shop. This one was necessary, though, I really needed a new lotion. Maybe a person with my skin should restrict to only buying pharmaceutical products, but they're so boring -____-''' 

And actually, in case someone's interested, my skin is very nice and soft right now, I'm not sure why, but I'm gonna blame the weather ^_^
 I also bought some new nail polish, which I guess wasn't very necessary, but it was really cheap and I've thrown away almost all the colours I had since they were dried up. I've started storing them in the fridge now, so hopefully they'll stay fresh for longer!
Lindex had a super-sale on jewelry, so I bought these three pieces for only 10 SEK each which was like crazy-cheap! Lindex isn't a store I usually shop at, but they actually have some cute accessories, like really good RayBan replicas, for example!

I tried on some clothes I liked at Cubus as well, that's another store I usually don't shop at. I had a goal this year to stop buying cheap H&M-clothes, but I guess it's not much better if I start shopping at other cheap stores instead, ha ha. Although, it's a bit much to ask of me to buy high quality and expensive stuff right now, I just got fired :(

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