Saturday, May 7, 2011

Anniversary pt2

 For lunch we went to Bromma Blocks and bought take away sushi and lobster pasta which we enjoyed on our balcony. I was jealous of Sebastian's food, that lobster pasta is too tasty! I wanted to eat a light lunch to save some room for dinner, but sushi is more filling than you'd think!
For dinner we went to this really nice restaurant called "Le Rouge" that is located in Old Town. The interior of the place was so cool, once you stepped inside it was like you were transferred to 19th century Paris and Moulin Rouge, the place looked like a brothel! I only took this picture in the bathroom because the lighting was so dim (and also, Sebastian would've killed me if I'd brought up my camera in the middle of dinner).
The food was really good too, I had mozzarella with tomatoes and basil for starter, veal chops with asparagus for main course and a lovely yogurt pannacotta with mango and passion fruit for dessert. After dinner we walked to the central station and had some wine at a hotel bar, and then we just went home and ate Ben & Jerry's and watched the Big Bang Theory. 

I really had THE best time yesterday, I felt like a princess all day ^_^

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