Friday, May 20, 2011

Nasta Gal Gets!

Today my order from Nasty Gal finally arrived! I say finally because I've been so excited for this order to arrive, but actually the shipping was pretty quick. I chose the cheapest which is suppose to take 2-3 weeks, and I order about two weeks ago so that's good! This order was quite expensive, though. At first one of the dresses I wanted was sold out (still kind of sad about it, it was so cute and special!), so I got refunded for that, but today when it arrived I had to pay the custom fee as well >.< So it all ended up to be just as expensive as buying clothes in Sweden, but the reason I shop from Nasty Gal is because of their amazing clothes, not because dollars are so cheap compared to SEK!
 Lovely black blouse with polka dots. This one is quite short, and the sleeves are really big. I like the fact that it's short, because it brings some sexiness to a big, oversize blouse.
 See-trough white, polka dot blouse with ribbon collar. This is so pretty! But I'm not sure how to match it, because I didn't like the white top underneath. A black, lace bra would probably look cool, but it'd be unsuitable for business-purposes, and I kind of bought the blouses to have pretty things to match with chinos and such.
 FLOVE these glasses! I've seen MK Olsen and Nicole Richie in similar ones (but from Chanel ;___;), so of course I had to have them! Especially since they were only 40$! My boyfriend didn't understand it, but he's a boy and boys have no fashion sense.
Floral "Garden Dress" with a black base. I think this one is so perfect for barbecues, maybe because it's called "Garden Dress"? ;) Well, I'm having a barbecue tonight so I thought it would be perfect, what luck that it arrived today!

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