Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Thursday

I went to the hairdresser on Thursday, I really needed to get a nice polish for summer:
 A lot of dry ends that just had to go!
 This is what I wore to the hair dressers'

Hat: Complement/Åhléns
Cardigan: Cubus
Top: Urban Outfitters
Bracelets: H&M, House of Harlow
Jeans: H&M Kids
Sandals: Topshop
And this is how my hair looked like when I was done! I really like the fact that he didn't get rid of any length, just cleaned it up. I'm very pleased with this cut, but it's kind of boring that every time I visit the hair dresser I just do a polish, some time I want to go there and just cut it all of and get a bob or something!

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