Monday, May 16, 2011

Today's Coord

 I really like wearing more "business casual" clothes, my plan is to fake it 'til I make it (dress for the salary you want, not the salary you have, ha ha ^_^). Soon I won't have any salary at all, so then it'll be pretty easy to dress "richer" than I am. I quitted my usual job last Thursday, but right now I'm helping my mum out at her office, but that'll probably just last a few days more. Some good news is that I got another call back from the place I got interviewed at last Friday, so I'm going over there on Friday again for a second interview! So excited about it ^_^

I'm wearing a dress as a top today, it's a little too short for my liking, but I really like it as a top! I like the poofyness over the shoulders, it gives a really nice silhouette and evens out my hips.

Dress/top: Only/
Blazer: Silence + Noise/Urban Outfitters
Chinos: Mango
Ankle boots: Ti Amo/Scorett
Watch: Jet Set/Ur&Penn
Today's Podcast: Schulman Radio 1

That blazer turned out to be such a good buy! I've really gotten my money's worth out of it!
I've been pretty much sans make-up lately, I've gotten allergies from the pollen, so I've tried not to irritate my eyes more buy putting make-up on them, but I bought some eye drops today so I can start wearing make-up again. I don't mind how I look without make-up, but I think it's sloppy and rude to leave the house without make-up. Also NOT okay the way I let my hair be today, I overslept this morning.


  1. Du kommer att fa ordentliga rynkor kring munnen om du fortsatter att puta sadar..

  2. Good luck on the 2nd interview coming Friday! I love it, fake it till you make it xD!

    Ugh I had the same allergy issues a few weeks ago. Buying some extra moisturizer drops helped me overcome them more quickly I think too.

  3. Anonymous: Vad är botox till för? ;)

    Jenny: Thank you! (was amazing! ^_^)

    haha, well I bought the eye drops and used them once and now my eyes are fine :) I'm happy about it but it feels like a waste of money :p