Saturday, May 28, 2011

My Saturday

We woke up at like 10.30 today of Seb's phone ringing, it was a friend of his asking if we wanted to join him and his girlfriend to a clearance sale for brands such as Zoo York, Ecko and others. We got dressed super-quickly and jumped on the bus to Alvik.
This is what I managed to put together this morning, very pleased with it! I love the mirror they had at the clearance sale, I hate our mirror and the light in our living room, all pictures end up blurry ;___;

Blazer: Silence + Noise/Urban Outfitters
Shirt: H&M
Pants: Zara
Boots: Ti Amo/Scorett

It's been very windy recently, and while we waited for the train my hat blew off. Me and Seb were hugging and he kept on hugging me and I just panicked! What if I had lost my hat?! All my coords would've sucked :( It was wrong of me to beat him, though >.<
The clearance sale didn't have much to offer, obviously those brands don't have a lot of things that I like, and everything was to big for Seb. His friend got a t-shirt though, so it wasn't a complete waste, ha ha ^_^ We went in to town afterwards and I shopped like crazy! Okay, maybe not like crazy, but more than allowed when you're poor ;___; I still have things that I think I should've gotten, though. Like I found this super-cute vintage store that sold the most fabulous blouses! I liked it a lot because the selection was small, the clothes didn't smell bad and they seemed to exclusively sell things in a small size, I usually don't like vintage because it fails on all three of those points.
 I got those shorts that I wanted! This is how I had pictured them in my head, how to pair them. Problem is I don't know what else would look good, any suggestions? I though they might go well with the white blouse I got from Nasty Gal, but it looks a bit off to pair two things with ribbons. Oh well, I'll come up with something!
 I bought a pair of white, simple shoes at Monki. I like them because they look some-what like Keds, but the sole is more like espadrilles.
 I bought a shit load of rings! The two big ones are from Indiska, and I bought two smaller ones from Indiska as well, the feather is not new and it's from Åhléns, and then I just bought two batches of rings in gold and silver at H&M. I really want to wear a lot of rings like this, and I have to start somewhere, right? My only problem is that my fingers are really slim, and it's hard to find rings that'll fit on my ring finger and pinky :(
 This is just a close-up on the shoes I'm wearing in the picture with the shorts, white ballerina loafers from Topshop. I've been wanting these for so long! I'm really happy that I got two pair of shoes today, I really need more comfortable shoes that I'll actually wear. I have way too many party heels in my closet :/
 Just some necessities, bralets and tube-bras and ballerina socks. I have such a problem with bras, I tried buying real ones at Oysho when we were in Cyprus, but they just turned out to be too big, and I hate that they make my boobs seem bigger, makes me feel like such a fake! I don't even like big boobs. I'm sticking with bralets and bikini tops from now on!
And last but not least, I got a new hand creme from The Body Shop. In the past I've used their hemp hand protector, but I don't like the smell of it so I wanted to try something new. This smells really good! Hopefully it will make my hands soft as well, ha ha ^_^

I've had such a good time today! I love shopping :D


  1. those pink shorts are adorable! they can pair well with a sheer, billowy blouse like this:

    i need to go shopping soon!

  2. Thank you :) Yeah, I think that would look better than a blouse with ribbon tie, the colour would match as well, thanks for the tip ^_^