Sunday, May 1, 2011

More gets?!

Yep, that's right. I just can't stop shopping it seems? I'm really horrible because I was supposed to save my money until the end of the month (when I get more money) and spend it then, but it's so hard! There's always like "Well I actually need this, it's a question of good hygiene", and like, I got a new bikini but there was just one size 34 left, what if they had run out and I had to walk around all ugly on the beach this summer?! I all ready feel ugly on the beach as it is, at least I can have a nice bikini. And things are cheap, so you think it won't matter, but it all piles up. Right now I really want to place an order for a few items on Nasty Gal, I know I will eventually anyways, but if I do now I'll basically be broke for the rest of the month. But if I don't, my size might run out, the entire item might run out, or I might "accidentally" spend my money and not be able to afford it. Plus, if I spend it all right now on the items I want, at least it will be worthwhile, where as if I don't I might spend it all on crap and end up with nothing. Oh the dilemmas of life!

Enough of my ranting now, and on to the gets!
 Our lovely balcony table which we bought Friday and put together yesterday. It's so beautiful! I realized that it's a bit small for our huge balcony, I guess I'll just have to buy A LOT of flowers so that the rest of the balcony won't seem so empty.
 We went out to buy a blender and stumbled upon this beauty, which we got an amazing deal on! It was like 1000 SEK at first, but on sale for 400! That's amazing, because you only get small blenders or ones from crappy brands for that price, but this is big and it's Philips, so you know it's good.
 (sorry for unmade up face)
Our premier smoothie; Bananas, soy milk, Greek yogurt and two pieces of dark chocolate. It was so good I got jealous of myself for getting to drink it, you NEED to try this!
 I did another amazing deal, hair straightener and dryer that was only 160 SEK each! The colour is so cool, it's nice to have a matching set, I really needed new ones, too. My old hair dryer is so crappy it BURNS your hair if you hold it too close or at a temperature that is too hot.
 And today, I bought some cheap flowers, because it's nice to fill your apartment with flowers (but I'm a horrible person who'll just end up killing the poor bastard.)
Hush hush, gift for my boyfriend whom I'll be celebrating two years as a couple with on Friday! The reason I had to put a picture up of this was because I'm proud of the fact that I'm getting better at gift wrapping, like I can curl the strings and stuff now ^_^

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