Thursday, May 5, 2011

Homemade Pesto

As I told you we bought a blender last weekend, for one thing I like to drink smoothies, but we also bought it to be able to make things like pesto and hummus, yesterday I tried making pesto. It was pretty easy really, the only thing was that I didn't know temperature + time to roast the pine nuts, so they stayed in a little too long. I think they sat for about 18 minutes at 175°C, I would say 15 minutes tops, but more like 12.

Anyways, when the nuts are done roasting you simple pour them into the blender with a lot of fresh basil leaves (I bought two pots and basically used up all of it!), blend them together until everything is crushed. Now you can add one wedge of garlic and the olive oil (about 200ml of olive oil), blend again. Grate parmesan, about 100g, and blend it into the mix. Now you just need some salt and fresh pepper and you're done!

I really want to start making more stuff like this at home, because there's way too much pesticides when you buy processed food.
Btw, isn't the jar so cute? It looks like grandma's jar of homemade marmalade :D

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