Friday, July 8, 2011

Come to mama...

Darn, I shouldn't shop more, I was so convinced that I'd be able to put away some money and spend most of it on the home for a couple of months, but then Nasty Gal sent me e-mails with their latest collection and I realized I pretty much have to give them all my money ;___;
 This dress. THIS DRESS! O-M-G! I just, I have to have it in my life ;___; SO beautiful I want to die! I would only be able to wear it for a few more months but I don't care, I know I'll regret it if I don't get it. And it'll be summer again next year as well. Thanks to dollar standing short against the SEK I'd be able to get the dress and the necklace below for under 1,000 SEK, there's no question about it, is there?

I love the combination of this dress with the denim Litas.
 Wouldn't mind it with the lilac suede Litas either, but I don't think my economy allows me to buy boots this expensive in such an odd colour, I've made the mistake of buying too fun shoes too many times. My life needs to be more fun first!
 I was CHOCKED and dropped to the ground with the low price of this, it looks like something from House of Harlow but was just 20$! NEEDS it!
 And I just loved this coord, I love black in the summer when it works. Saw a girl out on the town wearing something similar a few months ago, that was a good day :) Would so buy this if I were going to some other festival this year, great festival outfit! But I'd probably exchange the Litas for some low-heeled boots, uncomfortable to stand around and dance for hours in ;)
This coord was so fab too, I love the way the fuchsia top just POPS! Looks so lovely with her skin colour too. Btw, isn't this model so pretty?

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