Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Preparing the transformation from couch potato into gym bunny

Yesterday I was going to the store to buy some soda, and some sales girls from Worldclass gym was standing outside trying to sign up new members. I was interested and I went up to talk to them, just to realize that one of them was an old classmate from high school! Really random. Anyways, I got the opportunity to go and try the gym out for free, so today I packed up my gym clothes and went for a Body Pump class! It really was so much fun, so sweaty, and so hard. I still feel shaky in all my muscles, it definitely was tough to go all in when you haven't worked out in months, but it was amazing at the same time! I really liked Body Pump, it really is focused on the entire body and I think I would be VS-fabulous if I went for a couple of classes a week.
I signed up for a membership after the class, the deal you got was pretty sweet; first month for free + 4 PT hours free of charge. The gym was really fresh and all too, and you got a goodie bag containing two cans of Magic energy drink, one hair mask, panflets, water bottle and protein mixing powder.

When I see the big cans of protein powder I'm always intrigued to start some kind of high protein VLC-diet, but I don't think I could ever make it, I love food too much ^___^

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