Monday, July 4, 2011

Peace & Love Festival

 Painted my nails in the car, super-happy to be able to wear nail polish again, I'm not allowed to at work so I have to make the most of it when I'm having a day off. I don't think you can more out of it then to paint them minty blue ^_^

 My sexy driver man, just look at those arms ;____; *girlboner*
 Yes, I have to take many pictures of this beer, not just because of how super-cool it looked, but mostly because it was so fucking disgusting I need some kind of payoff for drinking it! It tasted like dark beer mixed with gas station coffee served in an ashtray.
 Xide Urban tasted slightly better, but too sweet, the flavour was like blackberry or something, I think a flavour like that should be more sour that sweet.
 Comfy road trip outfit.
 Xide Tropic tasted better...
 ... but Xide Wasabi Lime is still the undefeated champion!
 We weren't camping this year, instead we stayed at a friend of a friends mother's house (farm), experienced some late-night, bad ass tractor riding!
 Me and Seb woke up early on Saturday morning... or well, I woke up at 8, because as soon as it gets light enough it's impossible for me to go back to bed. I lay awake alone for 2 hours listening to Bob Dylan, Seb had his alarm set on 10 but had secret plans to snooze for hours. Well, I put an end to those evil plans!
I was nice enough to let him lay still and listen to podcasts with me for 1 hour, after that it was time to take the car into Borlänge centrum and the big mall that they have there. I needed hungover food and a new belt, ironically I bought a size that was too small for the pants I was wearing (Seb's pants) so I still had to hold on to the waistline (more like ass line) to prevent flashing the entire mall.
 Hungover food; vegetarian nacho platter with extra cheese ♥
 At the actual festival, this was my festival outfit, dug it so much!! The only problem was that I desperately missed my hat, this would've looked so perfect with my slouchy black hat, don't you agree? I was like honestly upset about it all day, ha ha! My hair is my problem, I didn't bring my flat iron and if I don't style my hair carefully I just look like Hermione, so I need a hat, or else I'm doomed to hair buns.

Backpack: Topshop
Shirt: Topshop
Bandeau: H&M
Shorts: H&M
Shoes: Converse
 I only saw two acts (originally was intended to see 4), but Sage Francis definitely owned this festival! I've found a new kind of love for him after this show. I think hip-hop shows usually are the best, I guess maybe I think so because I like the talking in between songs and what not, talking comes natural for rappers because initially that's what their job entails. Even if you're not a fan of hip-hop, I'd advice you to check him out. A lot of people don't like hip-hop because they associate it with the fucking dickhead rappers on Mtv, this is nothing like that! Just listen to the lyrics of this song, and then you'll be convinced that he's awesome and you'll check him out on Spotify as well ;)
 The other act I saw was Bob Dylan, such a disappointment. Apparently I shouldn't have kept my hopes up, and apparently this is what you can expect from seeing Dylan live, but I don't care about that. Good is what it is, and this wasn't fucking good. I'm not going to give him shit for going strong at his age, his voice has changed a lot (for the worst in my opinion) but I still admire someone for not letting age get in their way. What annoyed me the most was that he sung all the songs completely different, and when I'm at a concert I want to sing a long, I learn lyrics for a reason you know! Another thing that bothered me was how he didn't even seem to acknowledge that there was an audience present, if I just wanted to hear music I could just as well stay at home and listen to them on a CD, when I'm at a concert I want some kind of connection with the artist, I want them to talk a little between the songs, say something nice about my country. Also, and this is more of a complaint towards the organizers of the festival, but you couldn't see shit when you were all way down in the back. Usually they will tape the artist well and from different angles and then it won't matter that you didn't want to push your way through the crowd, for all I knew anyone could be up on that staged, there was no way of telling.

(Btw, why is he wearing sweat pants?)
 Sebastian went away for a few minutes and came back with a pick-me-up: ICE CREAM! My favourite too; Fairly Nuts. Okay, now I'm lying, I don't have just one favourite, they're all so delicious!
 Disappointment mixed with happiness over ice cream.
 I have such a dull look, kind of like oat meal. I should wear more make-up, but when I do I look old instead. 

After Dylan we didn't see anything, we spent the rest of the night listening to Journey from the beer tent. I don't get how people can be so interested in seeing Journey, they've only made on song and we all sing it better than they do.

After beer tent I apparently got very drunk and annoying, like all tough sailors do when they're far away at sea. Apparently we saw Foreigner too, but I have no memory of it. I had wanted to see Håkan Hellström, but my "friends"wouldn't let me because he's a talentless cunt.
Forced my hunky man to play model before we went home, jealous? ;)

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