Tuesday, January 11, 2011

300th post!

This post will be my 300th, all ready?! I've only had this blog a couple of months, ha ha, but I blog a lot I guess. But not as much recently, I guess when I don't get any comments it really puts me off blogging, but it really should take that as criticism and start blogging better ^_^

As I told you, me, my boyfriend and almost the entire office started working out recently. So both today and yesterday I've been to the gym during my long lunch brake. It's so much fun, and I really love feeling my body ache, feels like it's working then! When it's not a gym-day, I'm playing Just Dance at home, I just missing moving around so much! I'm a bit hyper I guess. 
The down part about working out, though, is that I have little time to do my hair or make, hence the lack of coord-posts. Tomorrow is not a gym-day, so I'm really looking forward instead (but at the same time missing the gym, ha ha ^_^).

Do you wear make-up when working out? That feels so weird to me, like it'll just get ruined anyways. How many of you had the New Year's resolution to eat healthier/lose weight/work out more? And how's it going?

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