Thursday, January 20, 2011

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not.

I got two gifts today, one in the mail and one... wasn't really a gift, more like a get. From me, to me.
 I got a letter from my lovely pen pal Zelda ^_^ I just love exchanging snail mail, you get so happy when you see a colorful letter full with stickers in your mailbox, this really made my day today!
I also bought some products at the Body Shop, an Aloe Vera Face Cleanser and a new Conditioner. I got a free sample of this conditioner ones and I just loved it! It's really smart to give ME samples, because I always end up buying the product! And it's such a simple little way to cheer your customers up. That, and nice shopping bags. 
Today I got a mascara sample and perfume, I all ready have the best mascara in the world (FiberWig), so I wont end up buying this one. The perfume is nice, I like having samples in my make-up bag so you can get a refill whenever you need. I'm not sure it's nice enough for me to buy, though.

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