Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 31 – My Resolutions

Last year my resolutions were to be healthier and stop everyday-smoking and just smoke at parties. I would have to say that I managed to keep both these promises! I'm not super-healthy, and I'm going to work on that this year, but I'm much healthier now than last year, and I don't have any big problems with eating anymore, I'm a lot happier, too! Also I quit smoking completely, and also made my boyfriend stop using snus (Swedish mouth tobacco).

My resolutions for 2011 will be to get healthier and fitter, work out more regularly. I also want to look over the way I shop, like stop buying half-good items at H&M, and instead order things online that are more special and unique. This year I'm going to order stuff from Japan for the first time. I want to work towards developing my style more, and get properly dressed up, with falsies and everything, everyday!

I know a lot of people get anxious over the New Year and what not, but I'm just excited! 2011 couldn't have had a better start ^_^

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