Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Push up, push up

 Me, Seb and a lot of people from work visited the gym for the first time today. I used to go to a gym before, maybe two years ago? But I've only been running the treadmill, done some cross-training and the occasional yoga-pass, today I tried on weight machines for the first time ever! I was sceptical at first, me and Seb walked around, looking at the machines with a suspicious look on our faces, most of them look like some kind of medieval torture mechanisms!

But we tried on some of them, and it was really fun actually! I've never had a friend to work out with before either, and it was so much more fun to have someone to yell at you and push you. The gym is not in the best condition, though. The showers and locker rooms were a HUGE disappointment, especially for what we're paying (90 € each for two months), but I've decided to make a commitment for these two months, so I just have to suck it up!

After these two months I have one month left here in Cyprus, so during that month I will exercise by myself at home (yoga, swimming, jogging etc.), but hopefully I will want to get a new gym membership when I'm back in Sweden!

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