Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Recipe: Homemade Granola

I'm oh so proud of myself today, I made my own granola! After my failure with the banana chips last weekend, I'm happy to at least being able to succeed with something. I'm definitely going to start doing this regularly, it was really easy, and a lot cheaper + healthier than most store bought granola. I followed this recipe, with a few changes:

I don't know if there's any difference, but I used regular oat flakes, not "flake rolled oats" like the recipe said. But they seem to be pretty much the same.
I didn't use any coconut, didn't find it in the store. Worked fine without it, but I would've liked to have some.
I used almonds as well as toasted hazelnuts.
The store didn't have any canola oil, so I used rapeseed oil. It worked fine, but maybe that oil is less healthy?
I used vanilla sugar instead of pure vanilla, didn't really know what to look for. I think you should use pure vanilla instead because it's healthier.
For dried fruits I used banana chips, dried pineapple and raisins. I put the raisins in the oven with the granola mixture, because I like the way raisins swell up when they're baked.


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