Saturday, January 15, 2011

My weekend with food

We were invited to dinner at our boss' house on Thursday, neither me or Seb drank any alcohol, horray for us! We did have a small piece of chocolate cake, though, I just feel kind of rude turning down dessert. Or maybe that's just a bad excuse, ha ha ^_^ On Friday we were going to go to the gym, but both me and Seb just felt too weak to work out, so we left early and took a long walk home instead.
 We went for a late lunch/early dinner at Penguino cafe, and I had a Greek omelette. I've just felt so weird about food lately, like nothing have seemed appealing. I'd really be happy just eating oat meal and banana chips, ha ha. Well, the omelette was still good, though (and the fries were even better!).
 We had cucumber sticks and dip for a midnight snack, proving you can have fun without actual sweets, he he. I bought dipping sauce powders from Sweden, they don't have it here.
And today I baked bread buns according to GI with carrots in them, following this recipe (in Swedish). They only have super-white bread here, so I had to make my own, but it didn't turn out as fluffy as I would've wished. Any suggestions on how to make bread fluffier? I seem to have this problem  when making cupcakes and other pastries as well.

More than baking bread, we've cleaned our apartment today (finally),  feel so good that it's finally nice and clean again, feels more like a home now!

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