Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Banana Chips ^___^

No gym today so we finally had time to go shop for groceries. It's funny, we had a cart each and they were sooo indifferent, ha ha ^_^ Mine was filled with grains, seeds, tea and beet roots, and Seb's was filled with meat, cream and full-fat cheese. We're on completely different diets, he's eating a low carb/high fat-diet, and I'm eating according to GI/portion control, so we always have to make two meals! 
I was so happy to find banana chips! They weren't too expensive and all-natural (only ingredients are honey and bananas). We've decided not to eat any sweets until my birthday (February 8th), so I'll eat these instead as a weekend snack. Lately I haven't had much sugar cravings at all, which feels awesome!

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