Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Gets

Me and Seb went to Debenhams yesterday to shop a little. I feel pathetic Debenhams being the only store to shop at. If I were in Sweden it would be like only being able to shop at Åhléns, oh the horror! I guess it's okay when you're only looking for necessary items.
 I bought this adorable underwear set from a brand called Floozie by French Frost, love it! I love cute, frilly and girly underwear like this ^_^
 I also bought two underwear tops, I needed a nude one to wear underneath my white, transparent dresses.
 I bought a Nordic print hat with matching gloves. I actually really needed a hat, because it's cold and windy, especially during night time. The gloves are fingerless which works fine when it's not super-cold, I can wear them while I work and I don't have to take them off when I want to play with my phone ^_^
Pow Pow!

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