Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Today's Coord

 I did my hair in the living room today, using PhotoBooth as my mirror ^_^
 Pose-y pose-y ^_~v
 Not a special outfit at all today, just my star dress and boots, but I have to stop expecting myself to wear a new outfit everyday, I'm not Paris Hilton for crying out loud!
 So happy to finally curl my hair! I used my new spray from L'oreal, I sprayed some on my hair when it was wet and it created great volume! We'll see tomorrow how the curls look, but they're pretty flat now from napping during lunch break.
My make-up today, I'm wearing Mac no.41 lashes, but it barely shows >.< I guess most girls would be happy if their fake lashes could be passed on as real, but I want people to know when I put in the effort! Ha ha. 
I extended my eyeliner to the inner corner of my eye, got recommended to do this, I was afraid it was going to smudge, but so far it looks good :)

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