Tuesday, January 18, 2011

January Depression

I've just been feeling so down lately, I'm usually a bit depressed during winter-time, but it isn't really winter where I am, is it? Maybe it doesn't matter, but I know I'd feel even worse if I were in Sweden right now. Still, the reason I'm not so happy is because I feel really homesick. It's just little things, like having to walk a total of one hour to get to a proper grocery store (instead of 10 minutes). I'm sad because I feel like I'm missing out when I'm not home, I'm putting my life on hold. There's gal meets I'll be missing (a big one in Norway in particular). I miss Swedish foods and candy (but I guess it's good that there's not as much temptation here as it is at home).

I was suppose to go to the gym today, but I didn't want to. Seb is sick and I didn't want to go without him, I don't feel like moving anyway. I don't like the gym either. It's just as expensive as any gym in Sweden, but the quality of everything is so low. The worst part is the dressing rooms, they're incredibly small, there's only one shower in the dressing room, and that one doesn't even have hot water. If you want to shower in hot water you have to go out of the dressing room to another shower, and I really don't feel comfortable standing side-by-side with a bunch of unknown people of various genders, with just a towel to cover myself up.

I'm sorry for being so glum, maybe now when I've gotten my sadness out of my system, I can go on and be happy and bubbly again!

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