Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Weekend

 On Friday we were too lazy to cook and ordered Chinese instead, steamed rice, prawn dumplings, beef with bamboo shoots and sweet & sour chicken. There really is no point of me photographing my meal under such crappy conditions, I kinda have a phobia of flash photography, I don't want my food to gross you out!
 I tried making my own banana chips following this tip. It didn't go well at all, I dipped the bananas in a mixture of lemon and honey, and then left them in the oven for 2 hours, but they just never dried. They ended up sitting in the oven for a total of like... 4-5 hours? I tried raising the heat, but they never dried, they just turned black and burnt. I don't think it's worthwhile at all, you have to leave the oven on for so long that you're not saving any money anyway.
We went to Starbucks, and after wards we stopped by The Body Shop and I got the Almond Body Butter. I was just going to get a couple of small gifts for my friend, but when I saw the almond butter, I just couldn't resist it! I used to wear this all the day, but they've discontinued it in Sweden. I got really nostalgic over its scent!
 I have so much Body Shop products, I could open my own Body Shop! I just have to see exactly how much I have, and well... ha ha ^_^
 I woke up on Saturday feeling really sick :( I had such a bad throat ache, all I wanted was ice cream. So I caved and I got my boyfriend to head down to the store and buy me some. I wasn't suppose to eat any sweets until my birthday, so I guess that failed, but I don't really care! I'm still proud of myself for staying away from sweets for most of the time, and I don't have the kind of sugar addiction that I used to have.
 We were so lazy on Saturday, spent most of the day like this, watching The Office ^_
 Oooops, had even more ice cream for dinner (after actual dinner). I'm not one to eat much, but when it comes to ice cream my belly get surprisingly expandable, ha ha ^_^
None of us are big fans of cleaning, this is what our counter looks like at the moment. Seb orders pizza from Domino's all the time, and he always buys three pizzas at the time, ha ha! I'm gonna clean tonight, I promise.

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